How to drive Amazon traffic with SEO content

In this article you'll learn how to maximize sales for your natural products on Amazon by auditing your SEO content.

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March 14, 2019

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If you offer natural items for purchase on Amazon, you might think that optimizing your listings alone will yield the sales your excellent products deserve. In some instances, this might prove to be the case. Using research-backed keywords, high-quality photographs, and maximizing each category of your listing is bound to increase purchases. Sales then drive Amazon SEO visibility and, in turn, lead to more sales.

However, there’s also something important to be said for maximizing the content that exists elsewhere on the web. If you have a website, or even social media extensions, it’s critical that you optimize them for SEO. This helps drive visitors to your website or social media channels and then to your Amazon listings, ready to buy.

Content adds value


It has been said that content is king, and that couldn’t be more true. However, it’s not enough anymore to just tell consumers that your natural product is great. You need to show them the value of what you have to offer through thorough, well-conceived, and polished content.

Consider the major players in tech today. They all earn money off advertising, but very few of them charge the average user anything to gain access to their services. The same holds true with the information your brand can provide.

Say you produce organic, gluten-free breakfast bars. Rather than write a blog post on your website that touts how delicious your product is, craft content that speaks to the needs of your audience. Write about how how being gluten-free impacts taking a road trip, for instance. You can then casually work in a reference to your product and its ability to serve unique nutritional needs for those who are on-the-go. In this way, you’re providing value while also subtly reminder customers why they should choose your products.

Site SEO is essential

When considering how to give your site’s content a boost, don’t forget about the power of SEO. While shoppers might stumble across your product on Amazon, they’re not likely to find your website unless you have carefully crafted the backend so that it will be received favorably by search engine algorithms.

Over time, your brand can build trust with major search engines by consistently posting content that is deemed valuable. While this might seem subjective, Google has a great handle on what’s useful to consumers. Regular blog posting that builds customer loyalty and engagement is an excellent first step. Not sure what to write about? A great strategy for determining what Google will find valuable is to pull data from the search engine as to what questions people ask about products like yours, or about the content you are considering. Whatever is most searched is what you should focus on.

Along those same lines, it’s also a good idea to take questions that people ask about the product in Amazon reviews and turn that into content. As business owners and brand curators, we are often too entrenched in what we do to see our products from the perspective of a potential customer. By turning to FAQs posed by real shoppers, you can accurately estimate what people might be wondering about your items.

Be careful not to keyword stuff when you are creating your content. While you should conduct thorough keyword research and include terms most likely to drive content to your site (and, by extension, to Amazon), Google is wise to the practice of keyword stuffing. You’ll be far more successful if you weave keywords naturally into what you are writing. Search engine algorithms can pick up on that nuance, so write for a human, not a bot.

SEO Link Building is another strategy that you should employ to drive traffic. By getting other websites to link back to your site, you indicate to search engines that the content you offer is high-quality and worth a higher position in search results. Google, after all, thrives on getting searchers the information they need as quickly as possible. If you offer great content, you’re helping them achieve their goal, so they are more likely to rank you first in search. Ask for product reviews, collaborate with other companies, and get your brand’s name out there as much as possible to drive traffic through SEO link building. Even if you’re sending out free samples or providing complimentary content in order to get backlinks, you’ll likely reap the benefits when your site and your Amazon listings get more traffic.

Maximize your social media presence

Finally, further drive traffic back to your site, and then to Amazon, by curating value-filled social media channels. Post regularly, but don’t share content that wouldn’t be relevant to your brand or your ideal customer. Include links to your own products and blog content, as well as insightful information that is relevant to what you sell that was created by others. Be careful, of course, about the use of competitor content.


A properly designed website that maximizes SEO can mean the difference between natural products that sell well on Amazon and those that do not. Take the time to build your site according to SEO best practices and you should see your search rankings, and ultimately, your sales, improve.

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