This Natural Products Expo East 2017 panel will help you understand the relationship between consumers and plant-based products to more effectively market these products.

New Hope Network staff

December 20, 2017

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How to grow plant-based product sales

 “What we found to be most effective is not necessarily positioning our products as vegan or this or that, but looking at it more in terms of celebrating plant-based ingredients and positioning it in a way that's a little bit more inclusive. That really gets people excited and wanting to engage more with the brand. Owning the plant queendom and how we can all together join in this botanical revolution for good.”

—Rachel Hauser, REBBL

Part 1: Understanding the relationship between consumers and plant-based products


  • How has consumer purchasing of plant-based products changed?

  • Which topics most resonate with audiences pertaining to plant-based diets? 

  • What one retailer sees in her store.


Part 2: Marketing tactics


  • How do you deploy limited resources to effectively acquire new consumers?

  • In the store: educated customer service, demos and connecting shelf to table.

  • Engaging the audience: How do you drive awareness outside of demos?  


Part 3: Audience engagement


  • The importance of educating employees and how to do it.

  • See some examples of admirable brands successful at marketing their missions.


Part 4: Marketing trends and obstacles


  • How are plant-based trends started?

  • Is there a network that matches brands to influencers?

  • What obstacles prevent consumers from adopting new plant-based lifestyles and how do you tackle that?

  • Where do you start with marketing a new product?


Part 5: Trade marketing and Q&A


  • How do brands market to retailers and distributors?

  • How do you stand out above your competitors?

  • Beeswax alternatives and why aren't bee products vegan?

  • What is the most desirable demographic in the plant-based world?

This session—Promoting your Plants: How to Successfully Market Plant-based Products to Consumers—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017.

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