Check out these rebrands bringing a spring-clean feel to the shelves!

Gianna Rosenbach, Content Creator, CPG and Digital

April 12, 2022

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These recent rebrands breathe new life into the products by changing colors, reducing text and alleviating busy labels. Some, like Simple Harvest, made subtle shifts that gave a lighter, airier feel, and others, like Bon Devil (formerly The Collaborative), did a complete overhaul.

Koita added personified imagery to represent each of its flavors and bring fun liveliness to the shelf. Eye-catching colors also brought excitement, as seen with both Nutiva’s vibrant rebrand and Van Leeuwen’s bright update to its vegan pints packaging. Other rebrands served a purpose beyond aesthetics to engage consumers.

Rhythm turned its design focus towards the functionality of each beverage rather than the flavor, and Pamela’s used the rebrand as an opportunity to show what types of recipes are possible when using Pamela’s baking mixes.

Overall, rebranding has allowed each brand to capture attention in new ways and bring some excitement to the shelves as we enter a new season embracing change. Click through this gallery to see new rebrands just in time for spring.

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Gianna Rosenbach

Content Creator, CPG and Digital, New Hope Network

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