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Stonyfield enters the (dating) market—and it's 'udderly terrific'

We couldn't help but be smitten with this organic dairy company's authentic, creative post that leverages an underutilized platform for content marketing.

Jessica Rubino

April 14, 2017

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Stonyfield enters the (dating) market—and it's 'udderly terrific'
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I’ve got a content marketing crush: A witty, unique Craigslist post from Stonyfield taps into our innate desire to connect on a deeper level with the companies we purchase from or invest in. After all, don’t we like our food brands like we like our potential life partners—authentic, transparent, passionate and committed … to a greater cause?

This comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Danone would sell Stonyfield to close on its purchase of WhiteWave. Danone may have been in hot pursuit of Colorado-based WhiteWave for its “full spectrum of better-for-you” choices, according to Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber, but we're pretty sure Stonyfield—a pioneer of the organic movement and a Certified B Corp—won't have any trouble finding its match. The company's mission is more profound than ever, as it recently created a new "mission director" position. "Stonyfield's mission has always been to change the world," Nichole Cirillo, who filled the position, said in a recent press release. "It's an inspiring time to join Stonyfield, as the company's work has drastically grown beyond its humble beginnings as a small farm school. With that said, the core mission has never changed. Becoming a B Corp marks the next stage in our commitment to our customers and the planet. It's a responsibility we're happy to shoulder as we work towards a collective good with the support of fellow B Corps, our employees and partners, and Stonyfield's fans."

We’re guessing the organic dairy heartthrob will be snatched up soon. But just in case, here’s the text from the Craigslist post to pass this along to all of your single friends who care about the future of food. #DateStonyfield

Udderly Terrific First Date (Londonderry)

I am a 34 year old yogurt company, I was born and raised at an organic farming school in New Hampshire. I still live in New Hampshire today—and fully enjoy my suburban lifestyle in an area of the country that lets me enjoy all 4 seasons, be surrounded by mountains, lakes, and oceans—and even be close to the city of Boston. I love spending time with farmers and cows—it brings me back to my early days. I am very passionate about a lot of cool things like healthy people, healthy food, and a healthy planet. I like to think of myself as a pioneer of the organic movement—and for that I am very proud. Most importantly—I am the most delicious yogurt you have ever had (IMHO).

My ideal partner would enjoy rolling up their jeans and taking long walks through cow pastures. I would also like my ideal partner to be socially involved—who doesn't like a good rally—right? Let's make picket signs and stir-things-up! 

I imagine our first date to be a picnic at one of my partner farms, we would eat yogurt and sprinkle it with different toppings like fresh nuts and fruit—can you say YUM?!? We would talk about changing the world through creating safer food for everyone including our planet—and we would make OMG GMO jokes all night long. We could even drink milk out of champagne glasses (cheers!). 

Our life together would be pretty awesome! I have a ton to bring to this relationship. Though not that I am super independent—I like my freedom and would expect you respect that. You would support me in my beliefs and mission to change the world, help me make our planet a better place, and take amazingly good care of my people who bring me to life every day (well every hour of every day—they work really really hard!) And I would inspire you and make you proud that we are co-creating a bright future for our family, communities, and planet.

Interested in that first date? LMK #DateStonyfield

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