Bill Keith, CEO and founder of Perfect Snacks, reveals what to look for as you go all-in on your food company.

Cameron Simcik, Community & Conference Content Coordinator

May 30, 2019

Entrepreneurship is risk-taking 101. Between the unknowns and the challenges (and sometimes the unknown challenges), it's a journey that involves betting as big as you want your company to grow.

Bill Keith of Perfect Snacks knows this well, and he knows the rewards that can come from big bets. So what's helped him succeed along the winding entrepreneurial road?

In this video, Keith shares the simple yet critical thing to look for when betting big on your food company.

About the Author(s)

Cameron Simcik

Community & Conference Content Coordinator, New Hope Network

Cameron is a certified nutritionist passionate about elevating emerging natural products brands through writing and conference programming and bringing holistic health to the masses.

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