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Why B2B companies should be using account based marketing

Effective B2B marketing in the digital sphere entails targeting the right customers, buyers and influencers with the right message. Luckily, account based marketing exists to make this process easier than ever before.

Shahla Hebets

January 14, 2019

3 Min Read

Let’s face it, business to business digital marketing in today’s multimedia environment comes with its own set of challenges. Unlike B2C marketing, B2B comes with a longer sales cycle and higher price point. That means that B2B marketers must focus on building strong relationships with prospective clients to show the value of their product or service. Of equal significance, B2B marketers need to convince multiple decision-makers or influencers within the company or organization in order to win the business. It isn’t like B2C where you are gaining the buy-in of one consumer and then the next.  All of which leads to the reality that B2B marketers have to target the right customers, the right buyers and influencers and offer the right messaging to be effective. While that may feel like a tall task, the truth is it has never been easier to do just that. That is, it has never been easier if you are using Account Based Marketing (ABM) tactics.

If you aren’t familiar with ABM or have yet to utilize it for your B2B business, then read on, because this is worth your time. Account Based Marketing focuses on engaging specific target accounts and the appropriate contacts within those accounts. However, ABM goes beyond precise targeting by utilizing personalized messaging that speaks to the individual account’s needs. It also creates distinct messaging based on the role within the organization. For instance, a research and development job role receives different messaging than a Vice President of Marketing because they have unique needs.

If crafting specific messaging per account sounds complicated, start by meeting with your sales team and learn more about the particular needs of your top prospects. Once you know your potential client’s needs, you can turn them into powerful marketing messaging that feels customized to their needs, which automatically cuts through the proverbial marketing noise. Is it any wonder that ABM is so effective? Instead of sending generic messages to your target customers, you can tailor a message that explicitly reflects that your target account’s desired solution.

The other benefit of ABM is that it treats the account as a market in its own right. As a result, B2B companies are able to allocate their marketing resources to acquiring higher value accounts, which provides a stronger return on investment. In an age where all marketing dollars require justification, ABM can be your best friend. It also provides your marketing team with key sales team insights on what large accounts seek, which means these messages can also be repurposed for other marketing campaigns.

Interested in utilizing ABM for your B2B business? The first step is to identify the right accounts to target. From there, focus on creating unique messages for these target accounts. Remember, you will want to vary the ad creative a bit and have options to work with so you can see what messaging resonates the best when A/B testing. Finally, look to LinkedIn to secure the right targets, influencers and buyers. Account based marketing offers an opportunity to engage your target accounts with messaging that they actually care about. The possibilities are endless, and will show up on your new bottom line because the best way to be an effective B2B marketer is to be highly relevant and valuable to your target audience.

Shahla Hebets is the founder of Think Media Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy firm. Think Media creates smart, relevant and authentic digital marketing, social media and ecommerce strategies that drive revenue for health and wellness brands.

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