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5 fantastic reasons to upgrade to a Super Pass at Expo East 2017

Our conference content themes for Natural Products Expo East 2017 correlate with our larger mission of uplifting trust, continuing education and supporting conscious business practices within the natural products industry and beyond. We really hope you'll join us!

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5 fantastic reasons to upgrade to a Super Pass at Expo East 2017

Here's a few reasons why we think you should upgrade your badge to a Super Pass. With this pass, you can join us in exploring the following conference themes:

The Case for Supplements

Nutrition is getting personal, consumers and their preferences are changing and labeling questions still remain.

The Case for Supplements conference track will explore shifts in the supplement and nutrition market and will provide information helpful to brands, suppliers and retailers desiring to stay current on changing consumer demands, regulations and domestic and international trends.

• Supplement or Food? Labeling Opportunities & Limitations for Your Product
• The Changing Nutrition Marketplace: Implications for Brands & Marketing
• The Case for Supplementation: How Personalized Medicine & Nutrition Research Are Changing Healthcare Delivery
• The State of the Supplement Industry

Conscious Business

What does it take for a business to be a conscious business? And what does it take for a leader to be conscious leader?

In the Conscious Business track, we'll dive into topics that can help your company operate as a force for good for the world, while also elevating the skills and diversity of your leadership team. Through authentic, mission-based business practices, agricultural methods that are good for the environment, and new leadership styles that support a diverse and transparent company culture, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers will all learn how shifts in the status quo can radically impact the success of businesses in the natural products industry. 

• Empathy, Trust & Transparency: Finding Power in Connected Leadership
• Why Women & Feminine Values Will Lead the Good Food Future
• The Awakened Omnivore: Exploring the Interconnection of Livestock & a Sustainable Future
• Standing Out by Standing Up: The Role of Mission in Business

Influencer Marketing

There is a powerful force at work on the Internet, and it's growing every day: influencer marketing. Influencers have diverse and loyal followers, and they're an authentic, vocal group of thought leaders. If your company desires a stronger reach on the web, whether to help share your story, get healthy products in more hands, or to move forward a mission that you care deeply about, you should consider partnering with influencers.

Through the Influencer Marketing track, we'll explore with experienced influencers, brands and marketing experts, how to forge strong partnerships, and together, form a more powerful voice advocating for healthy products and business as a force for good.

• Growing Your Tribe: An Introduction to Connecting with Values-Aligned Influencers
• Mission Accomplished: How to Work with Influencers to Craft the Right Story for Your Brand
• How to Increase Your ROI (Return on Influence): A Look Beyond the Numbers
• Sharing Your Purpose: Extraordinary Partnerships for a Healthier World

The Plant Revolution

Consumer preferences are changing, and with them, the demand for more plant-based foods and beverages.

Join us for a conference track that focuses primarily on the Plant Revolution. We'll take a look at the innovations occurring in the plant-based foods category, discuss why we're seeing shake-ups in conventional dairy production, chat about how to market and educate consumers about plant-based products, and we'll look at innovative ways to grow your plant-based foods business.

• Product Innovation: A Current Snapshot & Predictions for the Future of Plant-Based Foods
• Milking the Plant Revolution: Why Conventional Dairy is Shifting Course
• Promoting Your Plants: How To Successfully Market Plant-Based Products to Consumers
• 3 Ways to Grow a Plant-Based Future: Policy, Money & Consumer Activation

Growing a Healthy Brand

Entrepreneurial and established brands are changing our food system for the better; the purpose and passion is palpable. We chose this conference track, Growing a Healthy Brand, to help companies thrive and to support them through important stepping stones to growth.

Join us as we discuss topics such as how to navigate cosmetic labeling regulations and investor expectations for your complicated supply chain. Experts will also help your brand to build a stronger digital presence and you'll learn how to better meet consumer needs with your packaging and design.

• Cosmetic Labeling & Claims: Understanding Regulations to Ensure Your Product is Beautiful on the Inside & Out
• What Consumers Really Want: Achieving Transparency Through Product Design & Labeling
• Managing Investor Expectations & Risk: How to Establish a Responsible Supply Chain
• The Internet is Here to Stay: Why You Need to Understand & Master Your Digital Presence


NEW THIS YEAR: All Natural Products Business School badges also receive an upgrade to the Super Pass. For the price of the Natural Products Business School, you can enjoy a full day of education focused on growing your brand AND all Super Pass education. Upgrade your badge today!


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