All brands are constantly evolving to fulfill consumer needs on both a cognitive and emotional level, but the most successful ones are those whose marketing is coherent, unique and lastingly influential. In this video, Alicia Potter of Faven Creative explains how you can build a strong marketing presence by thinking—and re-thinking—through just five simple questions.

New Hope Network staff

December 28, 2018

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5 questions to ask yourself when building a brand

“A brand is a lasting impression. We are all trying to make connections to people to places to products to brands. There are good connections and there are great connections, and the difference is that a great connection leaves you with something.”

—Alicia Potter, Faven Creative

Part 1: What is a brand?


  • A brand is a lasting impression; it is what your consumer says about you when you’re not in the room.

  • Lasting impressions evoke emotions, provoke thoughts and impact sales.


Part 2: What is the story behind your brand?


  • Every brand should have a story that its target audience can relate to.

  • A brand’s marketing plan should adhere to this story.


Part 3: What do you want consumers to think and feel about your brand?


  • Brands need to market their products holistically to the consumer.

  • Your brand needs to emotionally benefit the consumer.

  • The tone of voice and visuals are powerful ways to influence consumers.


Part 4: What is your brand landscape?


  • Study your direct competition—what is the emotional trigger that your competitors are trying to evoke?

  • Stake out your emotional territory and find a way to differentiate yourself


Part 5: What is my target consumer looking for in a brand?


  • Learn as much information as you can about your desired consumer.

  • You can talk to consumers, other brands and follow influencers to achieve this; no expensive studies are needed.


Part 6: Conclusion


  • A brand is fluid; even after these questions are answered once, they should be revisited again and again.

  • A brand’s lasting impression becomes deeper and stronger when the number of interactions you have with it increases.

This session—Start Where You Are: Crafting a Story that Resonates—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2018. Click 'download' below to access the presentation slides.

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