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Engage nutritionists to build brand equityEngage nutritionists to build brand equity

Nutritionists play a vital role in educating the consumer and even advocating for brands and product lines. This In Session video from Natural Products Expo West 2017 provides valuable information about how manufacturers can partner with the right nutritionist.

March 21, 2017

3 Min Read
Engage nutritionists to build brand equity

"There is a huge shift going on in the consciousness of people. They are starting to recognize that nutrition and what we eat is actually health care."

Michael Stroka, The Nutrition Consortium

Part 1: Nutrition is health care


  • Understanding the community of nutritionists and how this can benefit your business.

  • What are the distinctions between dietetics and nutrition?  


Part 2: Understand the credentials


  • The differences in credentials among nutritionists. 

  • How to find the right nutritionist to partner with your business. 


Part 3: Rules of engagement with nutritionists


  • Ways to engage with nutritionists and the broader impact in doing so. 

  • The complex regulatory landscape for the practice of nutrition. 


Part 4: Stories from the front lines


  • NOW Foods' Jim Emme and Institute for Functional Medicine's Kim Ross discuss the mutual benefits of brands and nutritionists working together.



Part 5: The future of health care—personalized nutrition


  • The future of diagnostic testing and regulations around personalized nutrition.

  • Understanding epigenetic changes and how our interactions with food can shape our DNA. 


This session—Nutritionists: Your New Ally in Driving Consumer Choice—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017. Click "download" below to access the slides. 

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