Saskia Sorrosa reveals important tips for navigating entrepreneurship.

Cameron Simcik, Community & Conference Content Coordinator

August 14, 2019

"Stop and celebrate every single milestone, no matter how small."

This simple yet poignant piece of advice comes from a female founder crushing the entrepreneur game, Saskia Sorrosa. She's the Founder of Fresh Bellies, an innovative baby food brand focused on flavorful, veggie-forward ingredients to train baby's palates to love healthy foods.

From VP of Marketing at the NBA to food brand founder, Sorrosa has learned the ins and outs of leading a company while juggling countless other demands. She's sharing her challenges, successes and actionable advice for entrepreneurs in this video.

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Cameron Simcik

Community & Conference Content Coordinator, New Hope Network

Cameron is a certified nutritionist passionate about elevating emerging natural products brands through writing and conference programming and bringing holistic health to the masses.

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