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Getting personal about nutrition, fitnessGetting personal about nutrition, fitness

UEvolution in Los Angeles takes genetics into fitness and nutrition

July 1, 2015

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Getting personal about nutrition, fitness

The fitness and health club industry evolved to serve different niches, and it never stops changing. We can tone up in endless cycle of the newest nutrition and the hottest new regimens. But what do CrossFit, spin class, barre or complex endurance athletics do for you in addition to challenging your body? It may be time to go beyond muscle and tone and challenge the way clients live.

And perhaps especially the way they eat.

We named our gym UEvolution: Mind and Body Sculpting because we think it is time for clubs to focus on more than new classes and new equipment.  We encourage a holistic lifestyle change to exercise habits and nutrition, but we know that will never be a one-size-fits-all shift. To get to the most client-specific level, we bring in a combination of education for the individual and an examination of that person’s physiology, all the way down to their genetics. That precision allows us to teach them not just what they need to eat but why they need to eat it.

 UEvolution is the first fitness center in the nation to offer Simply Fit genetic testing. The package includes a full sequence genetic DNA test that guides clients on a detailed plan for their personal optimal fitness and weight loss potential. A cheek swab is sent to the Simplified Fitness Genetics lab where it is analyzed and the genetic markers are identified. Shortly after the sample is sent, clients receive a complete breakdown of what they need to do to reach their maximum health and fitness levels. It provides not just an exercise plan but also specific recommendations for what they need to eat and what supplements they need to reach their goals. Everyone’s body is different, and the Simply Fit Genetic Testing will discover what each client’s body need.

A class of one

The time of the one-size-fits-all supplement regimen is over. We have carefully selected to use Designs for Health line of dietary supplements exclusively at our gym. Their motto of “Science First” fits with UEvolutions philosophy. Since 1989, Designs for Health has been the health care professional’s trusted source for research-backed nutritional products and supplements of a superior quality. Founded by two registered dietitians, their product line provides comprehensive support through ongoing clinical education and a science-based development programs, quality ingredients, efficacious doses and company integrity. 

 We also have relationships with ACE Fitness, having certified ACE Health Coaches on staff for one-on-one and group support. Of course, this requires additional targeted training for our staff so they can study from many continuing education topics spanning all the range of the health industry. Through one-on-one health coaching, one single dad found he needed a complete nutrition overhaul. Another college-age girl came in with extra weight gain from post-highs school lifestyle switch. After a few group sessions she was able to feel more confident personally, and change her bad nutrition habits into good ones. These people might never have achieved their goals without the genetic tools once available only in high-tech labs.

On top of that super-customized assessment and personal support, we offer an Urban Nutritional Health program for members who want a daily strategy.  We teach clients how healthy food choices can aid in enhancing their lives without taking away their favorite foods. Our wide array of added-value services is central to the uEvolution mission--empowering individuals to grow healthier and happier with true one-0n-one support.

The  Urban Nutrition Plan includes:

  • A UEvolution Diet Tracking App

  • A personalized nutrition report

  • Weekly menus, shopping lists and daily tip and journal topics.

  • Detox plans 

Staying sharp

We are the future of fitness clubs. Our staff participates in a continuous educational cycle. By supporting education, reading fitness journals and magazines and keeping up with the latest scienc to  find out what works and why, we take a holistic, compassionate and therapeutic approach not available in the big fitness chains. We feel clubs may need to re-evaluate their approach to nutrition and supplements. Members are encouraged to participate in UEvo classes, which were created  in consultation with sports medicine doctors and professionals. UEvo classes are only offered at our private gym. That immersive experience changes lives bite-by-bite and move-by-move. We believe in science and technology and that knowledge is the most powerful and transformative tool there is.


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