New year, new challenges: The supply chain, inflation and the food industry – webinar

Learn how the world today is impacting the food industry and how to get more out of a grocery shopping routine.

March 26, 2022


Date: Jan 12, 2022

Rising costs impact consumers across every category, especially in today’s food industry. From supply chain issues to inflation, many consumers have been forced to make tough decisions between eating healthy and affordably.

Join Melissa Dunn, SVP of Enterprise Marketing at Suzy, and Eric Pierce, VP of Business Insights at New Hope Network in this webinar, where they'll dig into the latest data of the food industry and uncover how the quality of ingredients is being impacted by the financial climate, supply chain turbulence and consumer demand.

They will explore what today’s consumers crave, how purchasing habits impact food availability and actions you can take to get more out of your grocery shopping routine. 

Melissa Dunn.jpg
Melissa Dunn
SVP of Enterprise Marketing, Suzy

Pierce, Eric (1).jpeg
Eric Pierce
VP of Business Insights, New Hope Network

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