Primal Kitchen: The evolution of ancestral eating – webinar

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March 14, 2022


Date: Mar 9, 2022

Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson has always been on the forefront. Two decades ago, he helped bring the ancestral health movement to the public consciousness with his Primal Blueprint. Today, he is on a mission to change how the world eats.

The Primal philosophy has helped drive the evolution of the Paleo/ancestral movement from dietary dogma to a common-sense focus on wholesome, delicious food. Gone are the days of asking, “Would a caveman eat that?” Today, the emphasis is on high-quality ingredients that help people feel their best and get the most out of life, both in and out of the kitchen. At Primal Kitchen, they encourage their customers to ask for more, whether it's expecting more from their food or finding more reasons to enjoy life. Everyone has a seat at the Primal table.

Join Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D., Senior Writer and Educator at Primal Kitchen for this webinar on the rise of the Paleo/ancestral movement. An ultrarunner and triathlete, Lindsay is an expert in preparing nutrient-dense food to fuel her on and off the racecourse. She has been the lead consultant, editor, and recipe tester for several of Mark Sisson's bestselling books and is co-author of The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook and The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook. With a background in social/personality psychology, she brings her expertise to bear on topics related to mindset, goal setting, and lifestyle change as a writer for Mark's Daily Apple.

Nancy Coulter-Parker
Content Marketing Strategist, Informa Markets 

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Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D.
Senior Writer and Educator, Primal Kitchen

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