Results manifest when business and purpose align

When the natural products industry is at an inflection point, how can we be more centered? Zach Mercurio, The Invisible Leader author, has some ideas as he shares how to align your operations, your people and your purpose with your business.

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Results manifest when business and purpose align

“When we don’t have purpose ... you kind of have a direction, but everything seems random. It’s constantly reactive. Purpose serves as a grand narrative that aligns and pulls everything forward."

 —Zach Mercurio, The Invisible Leader

Part 1: How purpose works


  • Purpose works to compel people and create an emotional bond.

  • Human beings are hard-wired to find purpose and meaning in the chaos. 

  • Knowing one's purpose is the No. 1 factor in job satisfaction. 



Part 2: The difference between purpose and results


  • Results push, purpose pulls.

  • Purpose-driven companies and their people are productive because they want to be.

  • Profit comes from the value of contribution. 

  • It’s not just about having a purpose, it’s about clarity of purpose.  



Part 3: The power of the human story


  • Keep the human being at the center of the business.   

  • Be a story collector as well as a storyteller.

  • Before telling someone what to do, show them why it matters.



Part 4: Connect everything to the big purpose


  • Build the employee culture around a single meaningful purpose that is detached from results. 

  • Employee-customer engagement is a leading indicator of success.

  • People aren’t motivated by solutions, they’re motivated by solving the problem  



Part 5: Why purpose works 


  • Apart from what you do, how you do it, or what you get for what you do...why do you exist?

  • Practice proving purpose daily.

  • No amount of cause-marketing can change a bad culture or a culture that doesn’t believe in the purpose. 

  • The way you express and deliver your purpose is important. 


This session—Passion and Purpose in Your Retail Business—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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