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The Inside the Bottle 2023 Summit: What’s next for the U.S. dietary supplement industry? –⁠ webinar

Join leading experts in research and regulations as they take a deep dive into current critical issues shaping the dietary supplement industry.

May 16, 2023


Date: May 16, 2023

The supplement industry continues to play a key role in supporting consumer wellbeing. But understanding consumer priorities and knowledge gaps, while focusing on quality, understanding evolving regulations and prioritizing scientific rigor comes with challenges for companies in the industry. 

To continue elevating the messages and practices defining supplement industry integrity, our 2023 Inside the Bottle Summit will explore the overall health of the industry. We’ll present Nutrition Business Journal industry data and break out the “crystal ball” to predict where the industry is going.  Plus, we’ll explore the implications of updated FTC labeling regulations for all industry sectors and unveil findings from custom Inside the Bottle Research that discusses how to broaden the industry’s reach.

Join leading experts as they take a deep dive into these critical issues shaping the dietary supplement industry, plus share your voice in the community forum. 

Build your business roadmap for the future of nutrition.


NBJ and SPINS state of the industry and winning category predictions

Nutrition Business Journal Industry Analyst Erika Rommel Craft and SPINS Market Insights Director Scott Dicker will present key industry data and implications of post-pandemic market factors. 


Scott Dicker
Market Insights Director, SPINS

Erika Rommel Craft
Industry Analyst, Nutrition Business Journal, New Hope Next Data & Insights

What does FTC’s new Health Products Compliance Guidance mean for my business?

Learn about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) new Health Products Compliance Guidance. Understand FTC's intentions and the implications for your supplement business - ingredient suppliers, brands and retailers alike should take notice and be prepared.


Justin Prochnow
Attorney, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Pelin Wood Thorogood
Co-founder & Executive Chairwoman, Radicle Science

Inside the Bottle 2023 Custom Research learnings – Supplement access and health equity: How can the supplement industry broaden its reach and impact? 

What do consumers know about supplements? How do they access information and products? How should you rethink your target consumer? This year’s custom ITB research set out to answer these questions and during this session, we’ll analyze consumer insights and present opportunities for your business.


Matt Kennedy
Director Market Research, New Hope Network

Fran Schoenwetter
Director Content Marketing, Informa, Natural Products Insider 

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