Trade spend matters–how does it relate to you? – video

From relationships with distributors and retailers to product promotion and performance in the market, it’s important to understand where your brand’s money is going and where it leaks when it isn’t hitting your pockets or bank account.

February 28, 2023

Trade spend in the natural products industry can be difficult to control effectively. It’s challenging to operate a business while keeping track of all the money exchanged between a brand and its distributors and retailers. Amid retailer promotions, slotting fees, distributor food shows and promotions, administrative charges and late fees, there are a lot of checks and balances. If not managed properly, businesses end up losing money they don’t even realize belongs to them!

Watch this video for insight to the world of Trade Spending. Learn how to better track your product’s performance at retail, what you’re spending on trade, and how to manage inflation and supply chain disruptions while also driving your business toward innovation and sustainability.


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