Watch: Too Good to Be Foods’ unique twist on meat alternatives

In this interview, co-founder Miller Tran ruminates on lessons learned on the brand’s 10-year product development journey.

April 12, 2023

Algal biologist and Too Good to Be Foods Co-Founder Miller Tran came to Expo West 2023 with next to no retail or distribution partnerships, just a unique vegan pork dumpling that took ten years to develop.

We caught up with Tran at the show to learn his views on why meat alternatives need to outshine the products they're replacing in terms of both texture and taste. He also shares his thoughts on the importance of being fearless as an entrepreneur, why building the right team is about more than technical skills and how algae proved the secret to making a “too good to be vegan” vegan dumpling.

With their newest product launched just two days before Expo West 2023, Too Good to Be Foods is a San Diego-based team on a mission to convert meat-eaters to plant-based eaters—with 100% digestible microalgae and 0% GMO ingredients.



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