Women in leadership: A new paradigm of business connection and impact

Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women CEO, brings light to the latest paradigm shift, tapping in to feminine power with the concept of connected leadership. Watch her Natural Products Expo East presentation here.

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February 15, 2018

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Women in leadership: A new paradigm of business connection and impact

"Feminine consciousness is something that is not gender specific. Bringing attention to creating a world, and systems, and process places of power that will sustain our planet ... And we are both, men and women, stewards of this movement."
—Chantal Pierrat, CEO of Emerging Women

Part 1: Re-create leadership with a feminine perspective 

  • Feminine power is rising in the workplace.

  • Finding power in connected leadership through empathy, trust and transparency. 


Part 2: What does feminine leadership mean? 

  • Feminine leadership means building a collective community where people create the business model.

  • "The businesses, the processes, the places of power that can harness the power and nuance of connection will rise to the top."


Part 3: What is connected leadership? 

  • Emotional IQ and empathy are necessary to create a connected business model.    

  • True empathy is created when we are honest about our experiences and risk not having all the answers.   


Part 4: How to foster empathy and connection  

  • Having role models is key in getting to a place that is truly diverse and truly inclusive. 

  • "Creating a culture of belonging is rooted in authenticity, vulnerability. Creating a place where people can reflect on who they are and express it. That's when you can start to peek at creativity, innovation, company engagement, corporate culture. Not before that." 


Part 5: The role of corporate culture 

  • Pierrat discusses Hewlett-Packard as an example of a corporation building a more connected culture.

  • "What if the role of the corporation were not just to be a destination for people to grow professionally, but also for personal transformation? That's going to solve retention problems and create a competitive edge in the marketplace." 


Part 6: What does it mean to be a leader?

  • Becoming a leader involves a fundamental identity shift.

  • In the new model, grit is applied to compassion.  

This session—Emerging Women: A New Leadership Paradigm of Connection & Impact—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides. 

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