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5 companies pushing the 'plant-based ethics' trend

NEXT Trends 2020 Expo West series—a look at 'plant-based ethics,' one of the New Hope Network NEXT Data and Insights team's plant wisdom trends.

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NEXT Trends 2020 series: In an effort to help support retailers and brands, we will be publishing regular brand features for the next few weeks. Brands are selected from those that registered to exhibit at Natural Products Expo West 2020 and were curated as great examples of one of 50 trends New Hope Network is monitoring in the marketplace.

These trends are part of New Hope Network's NEXT Expo Guidebook and trend hierarchy.

Today, we look at five companies that are innovating in the "Plant Based Ethics" trend within the Plant Wisdom macro force. The ugly side-effects of the livestock industry are drivers for consumers opting for more plants as they either reduce or avoid animal-based foods entirely.

Sweet Earth, Daring Foods, Lavva

1. Sweet Earth

What is it? Sweet Earth designs, sources and manufactures a plant-based line of frozen entrees, mini meals and snacks from its green facility in the California central valley.

Innovation: Hearty, ethnic and convenient meets formats like BBQ quesadillas and on-the-go pastries that appeal to vegetarians and flexitarians alike.

2. Daring Foods

 What is it? Plant-based chicken that is explicitly about the planet. The company says, “We're not a substitute. We're a step up. But more than that, we're a belief. And we believe a few natural ingredients and a simple swap to plant-based chicken can have a big impact.

Innovation: This clean label plant-based chicken contains just water, soy protein concentrate, sunflower oil, natural flavoring and spices.

3. Lavva

What is it? Lavva plant-based yogurt made from pili nuts, young plantains, coconut and cassava with no gums, artificial flavors or sugar. Keto-friendly.

Innovation: Laava’s fair-trade, certified organic pili nut cooperative is the largest in the world. The nuts are a zero-waste ingredient grown with very little water. According to Lavva, besides using nuts for food and oil (and yogurt), the trees' shells and bark are used for furniture, and the sap is used in cosmetics.

Siren, The Meatless Farm Co.

4. Siren

What is it? This line of pea-derived protein bites with superfoods and unique flavors incorporates plant protein because (Siren claims) it is better for the body, environment and our “furry friends.”

Innovation: This company incorporates ancient wisdom ingredients like turmeric and reishi, with modern proteins like pea protein. Siren explicitly talks about animal welfare and the environment as being part of its purpose.

5. The Meatless Farm Co.

What is it? These plant-based burgers and ground beef patties were created with the goal of creating a tasty, natural and healthy meat alternative.

Innovation: The Meatless Farm Co. has a social mission around reducing every household’s meat consumption by one plant based meal per week by 2021—reminding consumers that “making the simple swap from beef to plant-based just once a week would cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 470 million tons.” 

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