5 companies that represent 'ag improvements' trend

NEXT Trends 2020 Expo West series—a look at "ag improvements," one of the New Hope Network NEXT Data and Insights team's agricultural trends.

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NEXT Trends 2020 series: In an effort to help support retailers and brands, we will be publishing regular brand features for the next few weeks. Brands are selected from those that registered to exhibit at Natural Products Expo West 2020 and were curated as great examples of one of 50 trends New Hope Network is monitoring in the marketplace.

These trends are part of New Hope Network's NEXT Expo Guidebook and trend hierarchy.

Today, we look at five companies that are innovating in the "Ag Improvements" trend within the Agricultural Commitments macro force. Brands that are just entering the agriculture conversation are making discrete one-dimensional commitments in a potential step toward laying the foundation for broader adoption of a whole systems approach.

O.Vine, SmartVine Wine, Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

1. O.Vine

What is it? O.Vine upcycles wine grape skins and seeds to create a wine grape infused water that is light, dry, crisp, low calorie and full of antioxidants.

Innovation: By partnering with the Galil Mountain Winery, O.Vine makes full use of the grapes grown for wine. O.Vine produces alcohol-free wine essence water. O.Vine’s upcycling process captures the taste, aroma, color and antioxidants inside grape skins and seeds after they've been used to make wine.

2. SmartVine Wine

What is it? Wine with added functional ingredients (turmeric, chicory root, etc.) that is food-tribe friendly, glyphosate free and positioned for active lifestyles.

Innovation: The wine is the first certified glyphosate-residue-free wine in the world. It is also free of the more than 72 other chemicals currently allowed in wines. SmartVine Wine also contains ingredients such as turmeric and lemon peel. It boasts a 2 gram carb count, making it weight-loss friendly as well.

3. Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

What is it? The Diestel Family Turkey Ranch raises, processes and distributes natural, non-GMO and certified organic turkeys and turkey products. It offers a full line of deli turkey, smoked and oven roasted whole turkeys, sausages and ground turkey.

Innovation: This family-owned California ranch practices regenerative farming practices emphasizing soil health and water conservation. The ranch raises organic American heirloom birds adapted to the foothills of the Sonora.


4. Isik Organic

What is it? Isik Organic is a Turkey-based processor, packer and exporter of organic dried fruits and nuts and frozen fruits.

Innovation: Isik Organic is Demeter certified. The company also started a project called Happy Village, which helps very small farmers in Turkey take part in economies of scale and expand organic farming. Farmers are certified and sign a Farmer Code. Isik Organic then helps train farmers in organic methods.

5. Lil Bucks

What is it? Lil Bucks makes crunchy snacks and toppings out of sprouted buckwheat, available in Original, Cacao, Matcha and Cinnamon. The company also sells adaptogenic buckwheat clusters, which are low-sugar, grain-free functional snacks made from sprouted buckwheat and adaptogens.

Innovation: Buckwheat is a crop that survives in harsh weather seasons and can be included in crop rotations that contribute to  healthy soil. Due to its fast growth, buckwheat is a good candidate for a catch crop when others have failed, and it also fits well into rotations. In addition, it is economical to produce because it requires no pesticides and few herbicides, draws phosphorus efficiently from the soil and needs less nitrogen.

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