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8 stellar before & after natural rebrands

Jenna Blumenfeld, Freelancer

June 2, 2014

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Conceptualizing natural branding is a tall task. Not only must a product name and package relay the basics (what it is, what it’s made of, what it can do), but the branding must also tell a story. Is a product sustainable? Is it ultra-healthy? Is it local? Does it do good for the community in which it's produced?

These are important tales to tell because it allows products to stand out from the thousands of options already on store shelves. Just as memory competitors remember long streams of meaningless numbers by attaching them to memorable plots, shoppers remember certain items by recalling their stories. 

Here, find our favorite natural redesigns that have occurred in the past few years. By examining these exceptional facelifts, we can better understand how package design, name and feel boost a product's storytelling power. 

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Jenna Blumenfeld


Jenna Blumenfeld lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she reports on the natural products industry, sustainable agriculture, and all things plant based. 

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