New ingredients will bring brain and body benefits of DHA omega-3s—without the fish.

June 27, 2017

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Algarithm Ingredients Inc. spins out of POS Bio-Sciences to bring new plant-based omega-3 ingredients to market

The creation of Algarithm Ingredients Inc. ("Algarithm"), a global developer of vegetarian DHA ingredients from algal oil, was announced today. Algarithm has spun-out from POS Bio-Sciences to focus on opportunities in the lucrative plant-based functional food, nutraceutical, and beverage ingredient markets.

Together with its collaborators—Virun Nutra-BioSciences ("Virun") and POS Bio-Sciences—Algarithm will unveil its new ingredient platform at the Institute of Food Technologists Conference (IFT 2017) this week, at booth #1823.

As consumers increasingly seek healthy alternatives to animal-based proteins and suffer from "pill fatigue", plant-based alternatives are emerging as a platform for new functional food, nutraceutical, and beverage innovations. DHA omega-3s have been widely praised for their brain, heart, and eye health benefits, but the traditional sources of omega-3s are fish-based and the extraction methods have relied on chemical solvents. With the introduction of its new ingredient platform, Algarithm is paving the way for a new, vegetarian product class that provides all the benefits of fish-derived DHA, but without the fish.

"With Algarithm, we are introducing an innovative version of a market-established, nutritional lipid to create a platform of new plant-based DHA omega-3 ingredients," said Dr. Udaya Wanasundara, Principal Scientist, Lipids & Co-products, at POS Bio-Sciences. "Our 40+ year heritage of working with omega-3 lipids means we have the existing facilities that allow for highly efficient processing of our high DHA algal oil."

Algarithm has aligned itself with Virun to produce retail-ready algal oil powders and emulsions. The Algarithm powders are vegan, water dispersible, non-GMO, have a high DHA concentration, have a one-year shelf life, and provide ideal flexibility for beverage and baking applications. Offered in three flavors—citrus/berry, chocolate, and vanilla—the powders formulate easily into any application. Through its relationship with Virun, Algarithm is also ready to offer retail-ready emulsions with flavors that span from tangerine and key lime to chocolate and churro, without the addition of sugar. Algarithm is taking an industry standard ingredient—40 percent DHA algal oil, and creating new forms to allow for easy adoption in functional food, nutraceutical, beverage and sport nutrition categories.

"The Algarithm ingredients leverage the Virun Esolv technology and have exceptional flavor systems, shelf life, and most importantly are plant-based," said Philip Bromley, CEO and cofounder at Virun. "These unique attributes enable Algarithm to support the incredible demand for omega-3s, sustainable, and solvent-free food and beverages, while making them the ideal partner."

In contrast to existing solutions on the market, Algarithm leverages an innovative water extraction processing technique that improves taste and diminishes odors, producing ideal oils, powders, and emulsions that deliver on price, taste and convenience of formulation. Together with its exclusive relationship with POS Bio-Sciences, Algarithm is entering the current omega-3 market with a cost-competitive solution that ensures a more sustainable and functional food system.

"Today we're pleased to be introducing Algarithm as a new and innovative omega-3 provider that will leverage POS Bio-Science's existing expertise in omega-3 processing to meet the explosive growth we see in the consumer markets for plant-based DHA ingredients," said Dale Kelly, CEO of POS Bio-Sciences. "We have a marketplace ready for change and we plan to be the de facto source for high value ingredients from algal oil."

Source: Algarithm Ingredients Inc.

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