Amazing Grass Launches Nationwide in Canada

September 30, 2009

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Amazing Grass Launches Nationwide in Canada

While most brands in Canada are trying to find ways to expand their exports to the huge United States marketplace, a forward-thinking company from California is turning the tables and is headed in the other direction. Amazing Grass, the well-known nutrition convenience pioneer, is pleased to announce that they are rapidly expanding distribution of their products throughout Canada.

To help get their products into Canadian stores the company has teamed up with some of the biggest and most reputable natural health product distributors in Canada, including Purity Life Health Products, Christmas Natural Foods and Directa Distribution. According to Christmas Natural Foods, Amazing Grass has already proven to be one of their best new product launches in 17 years.

"Over the past couple of years, we have been receiving many inquiries from people in Canada about the availability of our products at stores in their area,” says Todd Habermehl, co-founder of Amazing Grass. “While we have already been filling email and phone orders and shipping to customers north of the border, it is not the most cost-effective or timely way for people in Canada to enjoy our certified organic products,” adds Habermehl.

Thanks to the new partnerships with Canadian distributors, Canadians will be able to purchase some of the most popular Amazing Grass products. Their innovative line of drink powder mixes, which feature their popular Green SuperFood blend, and their Organic Wheat Grass will be available in a wide range of natural grocery and independent health food stores, including retail chains such as Whole Foods Markets, Planet Organic, Thrifty Foods and Choices Markets.

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood is a premium blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidant rich whole food fruits and vegetables, immune boosting support herbs, probiotics and digestive enzymes that features more organic greens per gram than any other "green" drink on the market. It offers health conscious consumers a naturally balanced source of antioxidants, B-vitamins, carotenoids, phytonutrients, enzymes, dietary fiber and essential fatty acids. It also features some of the hottest ingredients such as organic acai from industry leader Sambazon, and maca.

Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood offers a combination of nature's most nourishing, cleansing and rebuilding SuperFoods in a delicious chocolate drink powder. By infusing their top-selling Green SuperFood with organic cacao, this drink powder offers an even tastier way for consumers to get their greens. The polyphenols found in cacao support healthy cholesterol levels.

Berry Green SuperFood is the latest addition to the Amazing Grass Drink Powder family. It unites the full spectrum of their alkalizing Green SuperFood, antioxidant rich fruits including acai and goji berries, support herbs and maca to provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition with a robust berry flavor.

Amazing Grass Drink Powders provide consumers with a delicious and convenient means to achieve the recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, these drink powders contain every amino acid, vitamin and mineral necessary to sustain human life. And since the human body is designed to obtain nutrition from whole foods, the body is able to efficiently and rapidly absorb the nutrients in these products and quickly convert them into fuel. They are complete raw food powders that work synergistically to fight free radicals, remove toxins and repair damaged cells.

Amazing Grass Organic whole-leaf Wheat Grass, one of the most powerful sources of leafy green vegetable nutrition available, offers up to 30x more nutrition and 10x more chlorophyll than tray-grown wheatgrass juice. Its high alkalinity helps balance acidic pH levels and its insoluble fiber gently cleanses the digestive tract and promotes regularity. It is an excellent source of folic acid, beta carotene and vitamin C. The mild taste mixes easily with any favorite drink and offers sustained energy all day long.

All of the Amazing Grass Drink Powders boost energy and the immune system and unlike others on the market they do not contain soy lecithin fillers and they are nitrogen packed for freshness. They are also gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, low in calories and fat and have no added sugar. They can be mixed with water, fruit juice, dairy and non-dairy milk and also make a healthy and tasty addition to smoothies.

They will be sold in Canada in an 8.5 ounce container that includes 30 eight-gram servings (scoop provided) and a 15-count box of individual serving packets. Consumers can learn more about Amazing Grass and the many nutritional benefits of their products on the company's informative website at

"We see great potential in tapping into the robust natural products marketplace in Canada," says Habermehl. "We have made exports there a top priority despite the challenges of the exchange rate and language barrier," adds Habermehl.

It is always a challenge to conduct international business, but after assessing the potential rewards Amazing Grass determined it was well worth the effort. Creating bilingual brochures and packaging is another one of the hurdles that the company has faced, but french-speaking Canadians are sure to benefit from the effort to do so.

Since hockey is a big pastime in English and French-speaking Canada, fans might be interested to learn that some of Amazing Grass’s biggest endorsers are leaders of the Boston Bruins NHL team. “Our products are enjoyed by amazing athletes around the world, including Zdeno Chara, the league's Defensive Player of the Year and Canada's own Andrew Ferrence,” says Brandon Bert, co-founder of Amazing Grass.

“Amazing Grass is on my table every morning during the season,” says Zee. “It helps me maintain my energy and enhances my performance - and it tastes great, too.” With all the travel and the hectic 82 game regular season schedule plus the playoffs, having a convenient, whole food means to ensure proper nutrition is critical for elite athletes like the Boston Bruins.

Amazing Grass' mission is to educate the world about the benefits of Green SuperFoods and the improved quality of life derived from healthy eating habits. Amazing Grass is a friends-and family-owned company with roots that date back over 60 years of growing and dehydrating green foods. The company produces certified organic wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, rye grass and alfalfa at a family farm in Kansas, and markets the most nutritious, convenient and affordable green SuperFoods to help families thrive.

Amazing Grass stands out because the grasses are field-grown throughout the winter allowing the roots to soak up nutrients from mineral-rich soil for over 6 months. “The young leaves are harvested just one time each year at their nutritional peak,” says Bert. "The greens are carefully flash dehydrated at low temperatures, frozen as whole leaf powders and then packed in nitrogen to maintain freshness. The extra steps ensure customers get the most nutrient-dense raw green food powders in the world," adds Bert.

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