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American Egg Board debuts new seal for products containing real eggs

The Made with REAL Eggs certification enhances a product's transparency and authenticity in the eyes of ingredient-conscious shoppers.

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In the age of clean label, natural and recognizable ingredients are paramount. And a new seal from the American Egg Board is making it easier than ever for shoppers to identify products on the shelf made with real ingredients.

The new Made with REAL Eggs seal certifies the use of real eggs and real egg ingredients in packaged goods and fresh prepared foods, communicating ingredient authenticity and credibility at a glance. To be approved for use of the seal, a product or menu item must meet a list of certification standards, including exclusive use of genuine eggs or egg products made from genuine eggs. Use of the seal is free and renewable yearly at no cost.

Here, Phaedra Ruffalo, senior director of market development at the American Egg Board, shines a light on why this seal is needed and when it may start appearing on store shelves.

Why is this seal relevant right now?

Phaedra Ruffalo: The clear communication of real eggs is important right now as consumers are demanding cleaner labels and transparency in the foods they eat. As a natural whole food source of high-quality protein, eggs are more popular than ever with consumers. The Made with REAL Eggs seal establishes authenticity and addresses consumer demand for clean labels, transparency and quality assurance in their foods.

In fact, research shows the seal positively impacts purchase intent and gives consumers confidence that a manufacturer’s brand is of high quality. More than 80% of people who buy egg products said seeing the Made with REAL Eggs seal would positively influence their purchase decision. Additionally, research shows that when consumers know a product is made with real eggs, the perceived value of the product increases.

What kinds of products can be certified?

The Made with REAL Eggs seal is appropriate for any retail packaged item that meets certification criteria—whether a manufactured consumer good or in-house prepared and commissary items—as well as for restaurant menu items. The Made with REAL Eggs seal is now available for use nationwide on manufacturing and foodservice packaging, in marketing and merchandising materials, on menu boards and for promotional efforts in retail outlets.

When will we start to see it on store shelves?

The Made with REAL Eggs seal launched in March 2020 and product innovation initiatives and packaging lead times are long. We expect to see the REAL Eggs seal on product in the marketplace over the next 12 months.

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