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Inspire customers to slash sugar consumption with the 30 days, 30 ways sugar check challenge.

May 14, 2018

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Celebrate sugar-free alternatives

Have your customers been thinking about cutting back on sugar? No doubt, the answer is yes: Seventy-six percent of us report that we’ve been trying to reduce our intake of the sweet stuff. That’s a good thing because the average person takes in a whopping 150 pounds of added sugar per year, more than three times the recommended amount. It’s an overindulgence that’s linked with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even how we think and look. What’s more? A full half of shoppers feel guilty about their sugar intake.

Encourage your customers to drop the guilt and join the sugar-free movement. The 30 Days, 30 Ways Sugar Check Challenge is an easy-to-follow, feel-good way for people to reduce sugar on a daily basis. It’s fun, it’s easy and we promise, your participants will feel great head to toe.

Share Delicious Living and Zevia’s challenge, which will be delivered with your Delicious Living magazines and can be found at, and is filled with tips for cutting back on sugar. Then ask customers to share their experiences, tips and images on social using hashtag #sugarcheck and tagging @zevia and @deliciousliving. We will choose winner(s) to receive a prize pack of products from Zevia to help them on their sugar-free journey. Now that’s a very sweet thing!

To promote the challenge—and sugar-free living—in store:

Dial in your digital

The best way to reach a consumer is through digital, says Diego Romero, spokesperson for Sprouts Farmers Market. Consider revamping your website and app, and develop online content that supports the 30 Days, 30 Ways Sugar Check Challenge, as well as sugar-free products. A whopping 65 percent of consumers currently research products before they get to the store and tying a product to a lifestyle initiative like this is a key way to get more shoppers on board.

Talk, talk, talk about no-sugar

Promote the event at the ground level. While sales are booming for sugar alternatives, some retailers believe consumers still have more to learn about stevia and sugar-alcohol products and the benefit of using them, indicating great growth potential. Develop simple talking points: no sugar, no calories, no effect on blood sugar, overall health boost, no downside!

Position signage and products strategically

Make sure your announcements about the challenge and no-sugar products are easily visible for consumers. Research finds that a central location of the store is best for a display; this is where lots of shoppers walk by. By contrast, a promotion display near the entrance of the store may come too soon for people to pay attention.

To support alternative-sugar products in the aisle, incorporate those same tips, plus:

Remember, money talks

Release coupons for stevia products such as Zevia. According to Nielsen, use of online or mobile coupons (along with mobile shopping lists) are the most cited forms of in-store digital in use right now.

Partner up!

Timing is everything here. Teaming up with Zevia to further promote the Sugar Check Challenge around the summer months when people want to look and feel their best. This will build energy around the movement and the products.

Feature great content

Also consider working with other experts, influencers, brands and media companies to build out a robust content library that supports product sales by directly tying product to lifestyle. “We’ve worked with sugar-alternative companies to develop recipes with bloggers,” says Romero. “And we also take products featured in our ads and partner them with online content,” he says.

Don’t carry Delicious Living but interested in stocking up on the challenge? Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

For more content to educate staff and customers on how to reduce sugar, go to 

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