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Cyclists edge race by a Palatinose, tests show

A low-glycaemic functional carbohydrate derived from pure sugar beet can boost the performance of cyclists, according to a recent study.

Tests conducted at Freiburg University Clinic in Germany compared the results of two groups of experienced cyclists who cycled for 90 minutes at a sub-maximal, steady rate, before taking part in a time trial.

One group was given a sports drink containing Beneo-Palatinit's Palatinose while the other was given a liquid meal containing high glycaemic maltodextrin.

During the time trial the athletes that were given Palatinose performed better, showing a clear tendency to finish one minute — or 3% — faster than the group given maltodextrin.

Stephan Hausmanns, head of product development at Germany-based Beneews3 o-Palatinit, said: "We are pleased with these results that further re-enforce that Palatinose is the ideal ingredient for sport and energy drinks as well as for sports nutrition. This was the third study of this kind that we have carried out in order to thoroughly explore the benefits of Palatinose and the valuable contribution it can make to the sports drinks market."

Palatinose is a fully digestible, low GI disaccharide which provides prolonged energy in the form of glucose. Because it takes longer to digest, energy is released more slowly rather than all at once, resulting in longer lasting energy with no sudden drop in blood sugar, which can result in fatigue and loss of concentration. It is also said to encourage the burning of fat reserves as energy during exercise.

The ingredient is produced exclusively from pure beet sugar and offers a sensory profile closely resembling that of sugar, but about half as sweet.

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