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Dairy-free frozen delights

Refreshing yet undeniably decadent, these after-dinner options will make you feel like a kid again—and have the entire family screaming for (nondairy) ice cream.


Coconut milk makes a rich yet guilt-free base for nondairy ice cream. Unlike animal-derived saturated fats, which can raise bad cholesterol levels, the saturated fat in coconut milk can increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Top a scoop with nutrient-rich garnishes such as toasted almonds and cubed mango or dark-cocoa nibs and fresh berries. Try: Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut


Made from the milk of hemp-seed nuts, which are rich in protein, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, and iron, most of hemp ice cream’s fat comes from essential fatty acids, making it a heart-healthy alternative to conventional dairy desserts. Try: Living Harvest Tempt Vanilla Bean


Soy ice cream is typically lower in fat and calories than traditional ice cream and offers more fiber. For a simpler, healthier sundae, drizzle with melted dark chocolate and crushed walnuts; then garnish with a fresh cherry. Try: Organic So Delicious Dairy Free Dulce de Leche


A satisfying alternative to dairy and soy, rice ice cream is often sweetened with brown-rice syrup. This natural sweetener, made from fermenting brown rice, scores relatively low on the glycemic index and has a mild taste similar to butterscotch. Try: Rice Dream Carob Almond Frozen Dessert

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