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New ingredients

NI_SynergyManuka.jpgCertified-organic manuka honey powder
New from Synergy Production Laboratories of Utah is its certified organic and kosher Synergized Active 15+ Manuka Honey powder. The powder is made from the flowers of manuka trees, which have long been researched for their unique healing properties. Of all the honeys tested, only active manuka honey possesses a rare antibacterial/antiviral component, which accounts for a more than 100-fold increase in antibacterial potency, Synergy explains. This factor is so powerful, active manuka honey is classified as a Therapeutic Good in Australia and is the subject of multiple medical studies. Synergized active manuka honey powder contains the proven activity level of 15+ and is exclusively fresh freeze-dried at low temperatures in a vacuum to protect its vital enzymatic and beneficial components. It is effective in boosting immunity and providing sustained energy, as well as adding a mild, sweet flavour in formulations, the company says. It is ideal for powdered drink mixes, tablets, capsules and food bars.
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NI_NationalStarchpoultry.jpgClean-label starch for poultry products
A new functional native starch from National Starch Food Innovation retains moisture in poultry products while eliminating the need for modified starches, sodium phosphate and carageenan additives. Called N-HANCE 59, it gives the option of preparing tumbled, injected, marinated, coated, par-cooked, frozen and other packaged poultry products with clean labels. The natural, potato-based starch can add succulence, flavour, good cuttability and improved yields, National Starch says.
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NI_LycoRed.jpgAnimal-free and allergen-free 10 per cent lycopene
DSM Nutritional Products is offering an animal-free and allergen-free form of 10 per cent lycopene. Called redivivo 10% CWS/S-TG, it is manufactured using DSM's Actilease beadlet technology, making forms suitable for a wide range of supplements, and food and beverage application. It joins DSM's portfolio of other animal-free products, which includes beta-carotene; vitamins A, E and D3; All-Q (coenzyme Q-10); Optisharp (zeaxanthin); and lutein 5% CWS/S-TG.
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NI_Briess.jpgWhite sorghum syrup extract for gluten-free foods
A new gluten-free substitute for malt extract has been made out of white sorghum syrup. Called BriesSweet White Sorghum Syrup, it was developed by Briess Malt & Ingredients in Wisconsin. The extract promotes browning in cereals, snack foods and baked goods, making it a good option for formulators trying to meet the growing demand for gluten-free foods, its maker says. The ingredient is enzymatically produced from the starchy heads of the grain, not the cane, of the white sorghum plant. It is rich in maltose and characterized by the same reducing sugars and amino acids as malt extract, which promote browning. It is available in two dextrose equivalents: 45DE High Maltose and 60DE, and is all natural, non-GMO and kosher certified.
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Grains and other organics by hp.schmid
California-based hp.schmid offers a range of grains, including blends by request, which include black sesame, flax, millet and pumpkin. With sources in Peru, US and Sri Lanka, the company specializes in natural and organic ingredients achieved through sustainable agricultural practices. Natural sweeteners (agave syrup, cocoa powder and evaporated cane juice), vegetable oils, nuts, dried fruits, edible seeds, beans, peas, lentils, and spices also are available.
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