New ingredients - February 2010

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New ingredients - February 2010

Lactic acid to mask offnotes
PURAC FIT Plus is a natural, high-purity lactic acid with a clean flavour ideal for use in low-calorie beverages containing stevia (Reb A). Stevia sometimes has a bitter or liquoricelike aftertaste. Unlike citric acid, PURAC FIT Plus masks the characteristic off-flavours of stevia and other high-intensity sweeteners, resulting in a better-tasting, more rounded beverage, PURAC explains. Combining PURAC FIT Plus with other acids like citric acid works synergistically; the resulting beverage has a round, well-balanced taste, and the flavour is boosted, leading to potential reduced sweetener and flavour usage.

5-HTP certified free from contaminants
In response to the surge for natural solutions to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, Cactus Botanics of China has launched 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). It has been certified by ChromaDex to be free of Peak X and uncontaminated. Cactus Botanics' 5-HTP is 100 per cent nature-extracted from Griffonia simplicifolia and is recognized by the human body, which produces it on its own from the amino acid tryptophan, and is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin and the hormone melatonin. When taken as a supplement, 5-HTP may increase serotonin levels and, therefore, may elevate a healthier mood.

Soy protein isolate for pH-neutral drinks
A new, ready-to-use, stabilised calcium-fortified soy protein isolate is ideal for pH-neutral beverages. Solpro 958QS was developed by Solbar Industries of Israel in co-operation with PURAC of The Netherlands. Solpro 958QS combines synergistic properties of non-GMO soy protein isolates, calcium sources and natural stabilizers for a single-pack solution. The unique formulation solves the typical issues faced by ready-to-drink manufacturers, eliminating precipitation, chalkiness or gritty mouthfeel, protein coagulation and nonhomogenous calcium distribution, Solbar explains. The product contains levels of calcium similar to that of milk.

Plant-based version of Celadrin
Imagenetix's new Vege Celadrin is a vegetable-based version of natural ingredient Celadrin for joint health. Introduced in 2004, Celadrin is a natural compound composed of animal-sourced esterified fatty acid carbons (EFACs). Vege Celadrin delivers the same anti-inflammatory properties as conventional Celadrin, but from plant-sourced material. Recently, researchers at Boston University studied the effects of both Vege Celadrin and Celadrin on key cytokines involved in the inflammatory process; the results indicated that both ingredients showed significant anti-inflammatory action. Vege Celadrin can be formulated into both pill and cream forms. Based in San Diego, California, Imagenetix is an innovator of scientifically tested and proprietary bioceutical products. Both ingredients are marketed by Proprietary Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories in New Jersey.

Rosemary extracts for personal-care products
Fenchem is launching an organic rosemary extract for natural personal-care formulations. The company is now moving closer to certification for this ingredient under both the USDA's National Organic programme standard and European Union standards. EssenRose comes from the leaves of organic Rosmarinus officinalis. Two rosemary extracts are supplied: EssenRose-OS, which is an oil-soluble rosemary extract rich in carnosic acid, and EssenRose-WS, which is water-soluble and rich in rosmarinic acid. The two lines have demonstrated excellent antioxidant and anti-ageing properties in personal-care formulations, Fenchem explains. They are also allergen-free, GMO free and are not irradiated. They are an ideal natural alternative to synthetic alternatives such as BHA and BHT.

NXT Nutritionals debuts baking version of SUSTA
NXT Nutritionals is taking online preorders for its new SUSTA Bowl product, a version of its SUSTA fructose-based sweetener that is optimized for baking applications. According to Michael McCarthy, president and CEO of the company, demand for the product was sparked by a segment of The Balancing Act, a Lifetime cable TV show aimed at women, which featured the product. The company says SUSTA Bowl, which uses a citrus extract to boost the sweetness of small amounts of fructose and contains soluable fibre and probiotics, will be available in retail stores by the spring.

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