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May 5, 2009

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Spotlight on KingBio’s remedies for pain management

“I’m a recovering classical homeopath,” says James King, N.D., D.C., founder and president of KingBio, a homeopathic-remedy manufacturer based in Ashville, N.C. King, who has been producing homeopathic remedies for more than 20 years, now offers more than 200 products, including remedies for everything from pain to stress to wrinkles. He calls these contemporary blends “synergistic combinations of ingredients with multiple potencies.” The company also offers private-label products.

But why feature multiple potencies? “A lower potency, like 10x, works more superficially on the body. The middle, 30x, works deeper into the organs and bones. The highest, 1lm, works into the mental and emotional elements of the problem, even altering genetic dispositions,” says King. In other words, different ailments require different potencies. And taking the right medicine at the wrong potency can cause a “healing crisis,” which can actually aggravate the problem rather than alleviate it.

By offering multiple potencies and ingredients in one blend, the body assesses what it needs, picks the perfect combination and discards the rest. “It’s like searching for a wireless signal with your computer,” he says.

KingBio’s products are also completely water-based, made without sugar or alcohol. The result is a taste-free remedy that can be ingested orally, inhaled through the nose or applied topically to the problem area. The different delivery methods allow the body to absorb the medicine in multiple ways, increasing efficacy.

Editors’ picks

Mind-Body Restore Remedy
“Rescue Remedy on steroids,” says King. In addition to botanical extracts, 17 homeopathic ingredients and essential oils calm pain-related stress. If a child scrapes his knee, for example, parents can spray the remedy on the wound and in the mouth—easing the pain and the accompanying stress and anxiety.

Arthritis and Joint Relief
Another King favorite, this remedy works orally, as a nasal spray and topically to reduce inflammation. It includes common ingredients such as magnesium phosphate, as well as more unusual extracts such as baneberry, mountain arnica and daisy—a combination that reduces inflammation, stiffness and joint pain. It may be useful for people genetically predisposed to conditions such as arthritis.

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