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June 29, 2010

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Summer fruit for dinner

Ah, the joys of summer produce: multicolored berries, sweet melons, and luscious stone fruits galore. Now’s the time to work these irresistible fresh fruits into your everyday dinner menus for colorful bursts of seasonal flavor—as well as for their myriad healthy phytochemicals and vitamins.

Seared Tempeh with Grilled Watermelon and Apricots

Prep/cook time: 22 minutes Serves 4 / Ingredient tips: A ripe watermelon should sound hollow when tapped and have a dull (rather than shiny) exterior. If you purchase precut watermelon, look closely at the flesh; it should be firm, unblemished, and not overly grainy. If it has lots of white seeds along with the normal brown-black seeds, then it was picked from the vine too early. Select deep yellow-orange apricots that are firm and plump. Serving tip: Accompany with cracked wheat and couscous pilaf plus steamed sugar snap peas. View recipe.

Chicken Salad with Cherries and Berries

Prep/cook time: 15 minutes Serves 4 / Ingredient tip: Look for berries that are firm and plump; a frosty look on blueberries indicates freshness and ripeness. Time saver: Purchase a rotisserie chicken, discard the skin, and cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Serving tips: Salad can be served with the chicken hot or at room temperature. Serve with split, warm whole-wheat rolls topped with a few thin slices of Brie cheese. View recipe.

Summer Melons and Edamame with Glass Noodles

Prep/cook time: 18 minutes Serves 6 / A cool, refreshing summer meal. Ingredient tip: Look for melons that are fragrant, heavy for their size, and slightly soft at the stem end. Prep tip: To save time, look for precut fruit at your natural market. If you can’t find crenshaw melon, diced pineapple is also good. If you’re not vegetarian, try adding cooked and peeled shrimp. View recipe.

One-Pan Baked Chicken with Peaches and Plums

Prep/cook time: 35 minutes Serves 4 / So simple and versatile, this is easily doubled if you are expecting company. The dish works with a variety of fruits (including frozen peaches and dried plums!); try apricots and bananas, or in the fall use apples and walnuts. Prep tip: Using bottled minced garlic from the store is perfectly fine; keep a jar on hand. View recipe.

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Karin Lazarus


Karin Lazarus baked her first batch of cookies when her mom gave her a Mix Master and a Betty Crocker cookbook when she was just 8 years old. She has been cooking ever since. Creating her own recipes and trying them out on family and friends is her greatest passion. She's dedicated to using natural, whole foods and fresh, vibrant, adventurous, ingredients to create recipes that are good for you and a pleasure to eat. In 2009, she took home the grand prize in Sharffen Berger's chocolate recipe contest for her Chocolate-Filled Pandan Dumplings

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