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The standout drinks at Expo East? Beverages that sparkle

This is carbonation 2.0. If your beverage doesn’t fizz, it’s falling flat.

Jessie Shafer, RD, Director of Influence & Health Education

September 25, 2018

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We’ve got water for kids and adults; water with vitamins and fiber; water with caffeine and electrolytes; water made from sap and nuts; and oh boy, sparkling water. What was missing in the aisles of Natural Products Expo East 2018? Beverages containing any type of caloric sweetener, even those sweetened with honey, agave or just recently re-welcomed natural cane sugar. They’re fading fast in favor of fizz. You’ll still find drinks that contain zero- or low-calorie sweeteners such as fruit extract, stevia, monkfruit and erithrytol, but what you’ll strain to find is flat water. Expo East 2018 is proof that we’re a carbonation nation and everyone wants in on the LaCroix action.

In addition to all the new sparkling water innovations, we’re also jazzed about a new wave of tea-based RTD offerings, from highly flavored kombuchas to functional teas designed to help us stress less, recover faster and balance our lives from the inside out.

Check out the 20 thirst-quenchers that caught our eyes at the show.

About the Author(s)

Jessie Shafer, RD

Director of Influence & Health Education, New Hope Network

Jessie Shafer, RD, is New Hope Network's director of influence and health education. In this role, Jessie curates opportunities and appropriate partnerships for New Hope's health and wellness influencer audience, as well as health practitioner and nutrition expert audience. Jessie is a Northwestern University graduate, registered dietitian, and long-time health journalist, having worked for more than 17 years at four major publishing houses on consumer-facing health brands, including Meredith Corporation and August Home Publishing and holding the role of editor-in-chief of Delicious Living for four years. Jessie and her husband relocated from Iowa to Colorado in 2015 where they enjoy riding their bike, hiking in the mountains and being mom to a cute and curious toddler. 

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