The wave of alt-meat brands continues to grow

In a four-part series, we take a look at up-and-coming alternative-protein companies, what they make and how they make it. Here's a glimpse at what some alt-meat brands are bringing to market.

Rachel Cernansky

August 16, 2019

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New Age Meats

As more and more consumers look to plant-based foods, a rising tide of companies is responding with alternatives to popular meat products—and, increasingly, for seafood and dairy as well.

Here are some of the brands leading the way.

Beyond Meat

What it’s replacing: ground beef, chicken strips, sausage links and more.
Main ingredients: peas, mung beans and rice.
Market standing: retail nationwide, and foodservice in a number of restaurants. (The company may have also pioneered being offered in the meat aisle—to “introduce plant-based options to people where they are already purchasing other forms of protein.”).


Replacing: ready-to-cook frozen meats and seafood.
Main ingredients: range of plant proteins, from soy to pea and wheat protein blends.
Market standing: wide retail distribution, some foodservice.

Hungry Planet

Replacing: ground beef and chicken.
Main ingredient: soy protein.
Market standing: foodservice.

Impossible Burger

What it’s replacing: hamburgers.
What it’s made from: soy protein.
Market standing: foodservice, with expanding locations quickly.

Loma Linda

Replacing: a range of meats and seafood, with plant-based Tuno the latest addition to the product line.
Made from: textured soy protein.
Market standing: retail.

Memphis Meats

What it’s replacing: beef, chicken and duck.
How it’s made: cultured in petri dishes.
Market standing: still in development.

New Age Meats

Replacing: meat.
How it’s made: meat from animal cells.
Market standing: still in development.


Replacing: chicken nuggets.
How it’s made: “Innovative pea protein technology” developed to simulate chicken nuggets.
Market standing: direct to consumer.

Phuture Meat

Replacing: pork.
Main ingredients: wheat, mushrooms and mung beans.
Market standing: preparing for launch, reportedly with online sales beginning in Asia first.


Replacing: bacon (and pasta and wraps).
Main ingredient: wild, organic seaweed.
Market standing: direct to consumer, and retail distribution in Europe.

Worthington, from Heritage Foods

Replacing: deli meats, hot dogs, turkey roast and other convenience foods.
Main ingredient: soy protein.
Market standing: Frozen aisle at retail.

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