The coolest snacks on the block are cooked in better-for-you oils like avocado, coconut and more.

Jenna Blumenfeld, Freelancer

May 15, 2018

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Canola, corn and soy oil—get out of here. In a bid to allow consumers to indulge in the quintessential salty junk food, chip manufacturers have officially embraced good-fat oils.

From avocado oil, which boasts ample monounsaturated fats, to MCT-packed coconut oil, chips today are less about the flavoring and more about the frying medium.

This specific snack category funnels directly into the fast-growing trend of what food industry folks call  permissible indulgence, a concept that infuses decadent or junk food-like snacks and desserts with redeeming health qualities. Chocolate with adaptogenic herbs, sugar-coated roasted chickpeas and fiber-containing pretzels are all examples of permissible indulgences.

Do healthier frying oils put the innocence back in eating chips? Perhaps. But as everyone knows, it's tough to eat just one.

Click through the slideshow to view some recently sampled faves.

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