3 ways to make anti-Valentine's Day shoppers love your store

Jody Mason, Conference Manager

February 14, 2013

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3 ways to make anti-Valentine's Day shoppers love your store

Valentine's Day has long been my favorite holiday. Even when I was single, I celebrated by giving gifts to friends and taking myself on a date. But I also realize that some people don,t share my affinity for romance, and are actively disengaging from the festivities. This presents a market opportunity in your store.

1. In-store displays for lovers and "haters"

It's common to set up a Valentine's Day display featuring chocolate, flowers, wine and candles. But what about creating a space for those against Valentine's Day? Instead of the usual lovey-dovey items that tend to sell well among the romantics, why not set up a display for someone trying to avoid the holiday? Feature beer, bubble bath, chocolate, supplements, beauty care or anything someone might indulge in this day. (I’m a vegan, so for me I might console myself with a Caprese salad and chocolate chip cookies).

Singles against Valentine's Day will mingle near your display (don’t feature anything with red, pink, or flowers on the packaging). Who knows? They could meet their soulmate, start dating and will tell everyone they met at your natural foods store! Later, they'll be shopping with their two kids, Chia and Quinoa, and buying everything off the Valentine's display table.

2. Anti-Valentine's Day in the aisles

Don't have room for two displays or even one? You can still direct shoppers to Valentine's Day and anti-Valentine's Day items with shelf markers, end caps or even signage in each aisle. If beer and wine must stay in their section according to your state laws, set up a sign highlighting your picks.

3. Angry baking

My Facebook newsfeed doesn't lie. People who hate Valentine's Day tend to stay home and avoid it altogether with a batch of brownies and a movie rental. Why not display an assortment of baking mixes, facial masks and recipes that include fresh ingredients? Let them turn their angst into something sweet, self-nurturing and productive.

Any store can sell hearts and flowers, but you can set your store apart by telling less romantic shoppers "We see you, and we get you."

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Jody Mason

Conference Manager, Natural Products Expo East & West

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