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November 5, 2019

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11,000 scientists want you to know we are in a climate emergency

A new article from the scientific journal BioScience delves into the urgent need for climate action–and it's signed by 11,258 scientists from 153 countries. These same scientists compiled six vital steps that citizens, businesses and governments must take in order to begin undoing the damage of man-made climate change. Read more at Fast Company

Farm country feeds America. But just try buying groceries there

Rural towns in the Midwest that export mass amounts of food to feed the world are suffering from an exodus of grocery stores. This has contributed to a rise in food deserts and lack of access to fresh foods in the area. However, local, community-run markets are increasingly popping up and giving the people of farm country a way to fight back. Read more at The New York Times

Inside the little-known world of flavorists, who are trying to make plant-based meat taste like the real thing

Flavorists, the tastemakers responsible for "driving consumer trends and making food craveable," are turning their attention to perfecting the flavor of meat for brands in the booming plant-based meat market. But some nutritionists and food industry leaders are criticizing the use of artificial flavorings as a signifier of the alt-meat movement's increasingly processed ingredients and production methods. Read more at The Washington Post

Federal recommendation calls shark meat a 'sustainable food choice'

The National Marine Fisheries Service recently advocated for shark meat as a source of sustainably harvested protein, and the demand for it has been growing steadily in recent years. But research shows that shark populations are largely on the decline and "reckless human fishing of sharks can have severe ripple effects throughout the ocean ecosystem." A possible solution? Well-managed, sustainable shark fisheries. Read more at New Food Economy

North Bay food wholesalers, markets plan how to stay in business during prolonged power shut-offs

Power outages caused by PG&E are wreaking havoc on California's food supply chain. The transportation of food products relies on well-planned timing and delivery, but keeping track of which stores can accept perishable goods because of a lack of power is having a negative financial impact on retailers, shippers and wholesalers. Read more at North Bay Business Journal

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