5@5: A classic recipe for organic success | Human study finds positive effects of calorie reduction

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April 3, 2018

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5@5: A classic recipe for organic success | Human study finds positive effects of calorie reduction

Reduced-calorie diet shows signs of slowing ageing in people

Research in animals has long demonstrated that caloric restriction can slow down metabolism and, in turn, aging, but new research suggests that effect translates to humans, too. The study, which followed the impact of two years of caloric restriction on a small group of adults, was part of a multi-center trial sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. In the study, 34 subjects reduced their calorie intake by 15 percent, while a control group of 19 people ate their usual diet. The lower-calorie groups used energy more efficiently while sleeping and showed signs of decreased oxidative stress, according to the study, published in Cell MetabolismRead more at Nature…


How D’Artagnan pioneered the U.S. organic poultry industry

Ariane Daguin was doing organic poultry before it was really even a thing. The CEO and co-founder started the company D’Artagnan back in 1985, before USDA’s organic program was in place, and introduced the first organic chicken to the U.S. market. She’s built the business on the foundation of humane treatment for animals, deep relationships with producers and sustainable practices. Today the company supplies poultry to thousands of restaurants across the country and grocery stores like Wegmans and ShopRite. Among its products is Green Circle Chicken, which is raised on a diet of ugly vegetables donated from markets. Daguin says that mindful practices, quality products and a lot of good word of mouth among chefs has been a recipe for success. Read more at Forbes…


Natural foods grocer jumps into on-demand home delivery

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market it expanding its partnership with Instacart to deliver online orders within an hour in 55 of its Midwest stores. Read more at Chain Store Age…


La Loma Foods wants you to eat less meat

This plant-based food brand was named after the California city of Loma Linda, which was deemed by researchers and popularized by author Dan Buettner as one of five places in the world where people tend to live the longest. Its residents include a large population of Seventh-day Adventists, who eat a kosher diet, don’t consume alcohol and tobacco, and often eat a vegetarian diet. The company’s long and storied history dates back to 1905, when a group of those Seventh-day Adventists started a bakery that eventually expanded into meat replacement products, which by 1999 ended up in the hands of The Kellogg Company. It was bought by Atlantic Natural Foods in 2014 and today sells a line of non-GMO, vegetarian, internationally inspired microwave pouches. Read more at The Daily Meal…


Why Walmart is testing robots in stores—and what it learned

The retailer is testing inventory robots in 50 of its stores to see if it can save on the costs associated with inventory management. The robots scan shelves three times a day to see if products are properly stocked and price tags are correct. Then human employees do the re-stocking or price tag corrections. Read more at Fortune… 

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