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5@5: Consumers aware alternative milk is nondairy | Nationwide 'organic' grain scheme comes to light

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October 16, 2018

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5@5: Consumers aware alternative milk is nondairy | Nationwide 'organic' grain scheme comes to light

Consumers aren’t confused by plant-based milks, new research shows

Is alternative milk really that confusing a concept for the public to grasp? The majority fully understand this, with less than 10 percent of people answering that alternative milks contain dairy from cows. The dairy industry has a right to be worried, though, as cow milk sales have steeply declined while alternative milk products, in addition to the cheese and yogurt industries, have only become more lucrative. Read more at Forbes ...


Three farmers plead guilty in organic grain fraud scheme

Three farmers in Missouri were a part of a nationwide organic grain fraud scheme wherein a Missouri businessman named Randy Constant took the non-organic corn and soybeans from their farms and marketed them as organic. The higher prices farmers can charge for organic produce are typically earned through a three-year USDA certification. Read more at WGNTV 


Walmart teams up with Gerber to test fresh baby meals in Texas and compete with delivery startups

New parents, arguably more than any other demographic, appreciate convenience. That is why Walmart and Gerber have teamed up to deliver fresh baby and toddler meals to customers in the Dallas, Texas area. This presents an alternative to the time-consuming peeling, chopping and pureeing this food typically incurs, giving new parents back up to six or seven hours of precious time each week. Read more at Dallas News  …


Good news for ‘green’ brews: consumers say they’ll pay more for sustainable beer

Breweries have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon with no holds barred, and consumers are right there behind them. From using refillable beer bottles to recovering carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation cycle, companies are investing in costly but worthwhile energy-efficient technologies. And what these companies are finding is that consumers who share their eco-friendly values don’t mind paying extra. Read more at NPR …


Fish: The final frontier in fake meat

The taste and texture of raw and cooked fish have been particularly difficult to duplicate in a vegetarian-friendly manner. However, companies such as Ocean Hugger Foods are using substitutes such as Roma tomatoes to create a meaty, savory, sashimi-like product, and an eggplant-based eel product is coming out next month. Sophie’s Kitchen, another company on the forefront of fake fish innovations, uses konjac root and pea protein to mimic tuna in a can as well as vegan smoked salmon. Read more at Wall Street Journal …

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