5@5: Consumers confused by 'best by' dates | Folic acid-autism study prompts troublesome headlines

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May 13, 2016

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5@5: Consumers confused by 'best by' dates | Folic acid-autism study prompts troublesome headlines

Survey says—confusion about food date labels

Consumers' often incorrect reliance on dates printed on food packaging may contribute heavily to how much of our food goes to waste. In a new report from the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, the Center for a Livable Future and the National Consumers League, researchers found that one-third of customers surveyed thought food date labels were regulated, and more than one-third said they always discard food close to or past the date on the label. Read more at the Center for a Livable Future...


Concerns about folate causing autism are premature

Remember John Oliver's rant about how the media report on scientific studies? James Hamblin shows us how that played out this week with a study about autism and folic acid, and how the message being conveyed could be dangerous. Read more at The Atlantic...

Fast Food Aid is a laboratory-like shop that serves vitamin supplements to junk food lovers

A pop-up shop in Tokyo gives free supplements to people who purchase fast food in an attempt to help them replace the nutrients they missed in their meals. Created by organic restaurant Dohtonbori, the shop's goal is to educate people and encourage them to eat more nutritious meals. Read more at De Zeen magazine...


As Big Candy ditches GMOs, sugar beet farmers hit a sour patch

In a stark contrast from just a few years ago, sugar traders are now treating sugar beets and sugar cane as two different commodities—and in light of the non-GMO movement, that could spell trouble for producers of the sugar beet variety. It also means buyers are paying 10 to 15 percent more for cane sugar. Read more at NPR...


Alabama becomes the sixth state to ban kratom

Gov. Robert Bentley signed a bill making the sale and possession of the botanical illegal, and retailers were given a deadline to dispose of products by Thursday. Read more at The Independent...

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