5@5: Department stores lose beauty industry influence | Combating US obesity

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December 27, 2019

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How department stores lost their clout in the beauty industry to Ulta, e-commerce and influencers

Social media has fundamentally altered the way consumers interact with beauty brands; the majority of 18- to 34-year-olds, for instance, "trust influencer's opinions of brands more than advertising done by the brand itself." This has led to massive gains for specialty stores like Sephora and upstart personal care brands, while department stores are scrambling to enhance their in-store beauty experiences. Read more at CNBC

In 10 years half of Americans will be obese. Here's what we can do

Obesity is a growing problem, and the pervasive cultural sentiment puts the blame on individuals' eating habits alone. But there are many contributing factors to obesity, and an approach that tackles the issue from a legislative standpoint is the best way to "create healthier defaults in schools, supermarkets and society at large." Read more at The Hill

Nearly all Atlantic salmon escape Vancouver Island fish farm pen after damaging fire

21,000 salmon recently escaped their circular pen to the waters of Canada's Queen Anne strait as a result of a fire. Environmentalist are concerned because the farmed salmon carry viruses and pathogens that aren't native to Pacific waters and can infect those species that are native to the Pacific. Read more at Global News

Plant-based milks aren't the reason US dairies are struggling

The reasons behind dairy farmers' struggles are far more complicated to be understood solely in the context of plant-based alternatives. Some other possible contributing factors? Globalization and declining consumer interest in breakfast foods like cereal. Read more at Quartz

The rise of 'grocerants': Grocery stores that can cook you dinner

Several big-box grocers have begun to add sit-down restaurants and food halls to their larger locations in order to better serve the growing number of consumers who wish to eat out instead of cooking at home. According to the Food Marketing Insitute, grocery store foodservice sales are growing by about 8% each year. Read more at CNN

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