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October 13, 2018

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5@5: E. coli outbreak victims seek answers | That gluten-free menu isn't so gluten-free

Year’s largest E. coli outbreak enters litigation phase for victims, businesses

Romaine lettuce was the source for this year’s largest E. coli outbreak; five people died, 96 were hospitalized, and 210 overall were infected. This was the catalyst for Walmart’s entry into the IBM Food Trust Network, which tracks leafy greens suppliers using blockchain technology. The FDA is currently investigating how the strain penetrated the waterway of the Yuma growing region, but consumers have not yet been told which growers are to blame. Read more at Food Safety News ...


A third of ‘gluten-free’ dishes contain gluten, study shows

Restaurants too eager to join the gluten-free party may be in the red now as a huge chunk of meals labeled as “gluten-free” at popular restaurants have been found to actually contain the protein, or to have at least been in contact with it. This presents a massive danger to celiac customers who are affected by even the smallest amounts of gluten in their meals. Read more at Munchies 


Low-emission cows: farming responds to climate warning

The UN has posited recently that reducing the amount of meat we consume worldwide will be crucial in the time-sensitive battle against climate change. In response, farmers are considering everything from breeding “low-emission” cows with each other to using robots that would increase the amount of carbon-absorbing organic matter in the earth. Read more at The Guardian  …


Should we just ban “best by” labels on food?

The “best by” labels on food are federally unregulated, which presents a problem because food that is past its “best by” date is usually still edible. 84 percent of respondents to a Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic survey said that they occasionally throw out food that is past its designated date, meaning a large portion of our collective food waste likely comes from the confusion surrounding this topic. Read more at Modern Farmer …


Zzz Natural: The cannabis brand aiming to solve America’s $400 billion sleeping problem

Americans’ sleep problems cost them a collective $411 billion in supplements and pharmaceuticals each year, and Blake Ricciardi had tried most of them before turning to the world of cannabis for help. What he found, however, was that there was no single strain or product solely made for getting to sleep. His new product, Zzz Natural, is subsequently aimed at the enormous market in the US of those who either suffer from sleep disorders or fail to get the amount of sleep they need to feel rested. Read more at Forbes …

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