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November 10, 2020

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European Union to hit United States with retaliatory tariffs 

The European Union will impose new tariffs on American products including nuts, seeds, spirits, tobacco, sauces, soups, syrups and proteins after getting the green light from the World Trade Organization. American agriculture has been viewed by the EU and China as a sector that is both extremely important to the U.S. economy and one that is rife with supporters of President Donald Trump. Modern Farmer has the full story.

Coffee battleground during coronavirus era is your kitchen counter

Thanks to COVID-19, consumers are drinking their morning cups of java at home once again. This has largely benefited the nation's coffee brands and manufacturers of home-brewing machines. Now, coffee-centric chains including Starbucks and Dunkin' are fighting back by promoting blended drinks like lattes that aren't as easy to make at home. Get the lowdown at The Wall Street Journal ...

Pizza Hut is the first major pizza chain to launch plant-based toppings nationwide

Pizza Hut's Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza and Great Beyond Pizza will now be available at its locations nationwide. Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company with over 7,000 stores, and the company has stated that it continues to see growing demand for plant-based meat on its menu items. Find out more at Forbes ...

Forget plant-based. The future of food is bacteria

Investing in bacteria-derived food could help reduce consumers' reliance on industrial agriculture in the long term. This is why designer Mark Glogowski's thesis project, Plurality Now, is a conceptual "metabolic restaurant" that serves only fermented food that has been molded into quasi-familiar shapes. Glogowski also wants consumers to think more about their role as "human bioreactors" who foster bacterial growth in their own bodies. Fast Company interviews the designer-cum-fermentation chef.

Nestle CEO wants to wean consumers off unhealthy lockdown comfort cravings

Nestle Chief Executive Officer Mark Schneider is no stranger to the wellness space, and he's helping revamp classic brands to meet consumers' renewed interest in delicious but nutritious fare. The company was also innovating in sugar alternatives and plant-based products way before the pandemic accelerated the growth of both these markets. And while dropping unhealthy brands altogether isn't an option for the food and beverage behemoth, Schneider does promote a conscious consumption approach to indulgent products. Read about Nestle's emerging strategy at The Seattle Times ...

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