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5@5: FDA to publish list of 'high-risk' foods | Pollen increase linked to climate change

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June 12, 2019

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Years in the making, FDA will publish a list of ‘high-risk’ foods

Last week a federal judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration “to stop dragging its feet on the long-awaited rules surrounding food recalls and outbreaks of foodborne illness,” meaning public-facing record-keeping requirements for companies that deal with high-risk foods are on the horizon. There is evidence that enforcing public record-keeping can incite enough negative publicity to effectively shame food companies into changing their products to become safer. Read more at New Food Economy …

You’re not imagining it: The pollen increase is real, and it’s linked to climate change

Emerging data shows that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to an increase in pollen, which in turn is worsening pollen-related health issues. The projections moving forward are that there will be 600 parts per million of carbon dioxide by the middle of the 21st century, which will only increase the amount of pollen plants will produce in years to come. Read more at The Boston Globe …

Why food reformers have mixed feelings about eco-labels

Eco-labels such as “non-GMO” and “pasture-raised” can help farmers tell their unique stories—but they are often confusing to consumers who cannot differentiate between the many eco-labels on the market today. It is unreasonable, too, for consumers to assume that their exclusively buying Fair Trade or organic food products will preserve wildlife habitats or slow down global warming. However, as Matthew Dillon of Clif Bar points out, this should be a relief to consumers—improving the food system “is not all on them … they shouldn’t feel guilt and shame about the purchases they make." Read more at NPR …

Beyond Meat CEO on ‘meatier’ patty: Fans will absolutely taste the difference

Beyond Meat has announced that it will be upping the realism factor of its signature plant-based burger with the addition of marbled fats, added protein and apple extract, which causes the burger to “quickly transition from fleshy red to barbecued brown during the cooking process.” In this article CEO Ethan Brown also explains why he remains skeptical of larger companies and conglomerates that are attempting to “crack the faux-meat code,” in addition to revealing several future product innovations in the company’s pipeline. Read more at Fast Company …

Pentagon eyes ketogenic diet in bid to build more lethal warriors

Military researchers are honing in on how nutrition can enhance soldiers’ performances in the battlefield, and the fat- and protein-heavy keto diet has earned top marks because of its ability to allow humans to stay underwater for longer periods of time.  This is because one of the side effects of being in a state of ketosis is that “it changes the way your body handles oxygen deprivation,” although critics of the keto diet maintain that going carb-free isn’t sustainable on a long-term basis. Read more at The Washington Times …

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