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March 7, 2019

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lab-grown meat

USDA, FDA define oversight of lab-grown meat products

Federal regulators have decided how the USDA and the FDA will share oversight of lab-grown meat that will be sold to the public. The USDA may not let companies market these products with terms like ground beef or hamburger, however. Read more at The Washington Post

Oceana finds seafood fraud is still rampant

Yet again, the conservation nonprofit Oceana has found massive fraud in the seafood market. The problem, which is more widespread in restaurants than in grocery stores, could endanger consumers. Read more at National Geographic

Wendy’s and its tomatoes come under fire from farmworkers’ campaign

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers wants Wendy’s to purchase tomatoes from growers who follow high labor standards. They were successful with Walmart and McDonald’s, after all. Unfortunately, only about one-quarter of tomatoes are purchased from growers who participate in the organization’s Fair Food Program. Read more at The New York Times

Farmers Business Network takes on Bayer with its own non-GMO seeds

Monsanto (owned by Bayer AG) and DowDuPont Inc. make more than 70 percent of the corn and soybean seeds sold in the United States. In the past nine years, the price of those seeds has increased 35 percent. Charles Baron, who founded the Farmers Business Network, has not only opened the seed market to transparency, he’s now working with plant breeders to develop non-GMO seeds that are sold directly to farmers. Read more at Bloomberg

Ocean heat waves are threatening marine life

We’ve all seen headlines about land-based heat waves breaking high-temperature records and killing people. Turns out, heat waves in the ocean are increasingly common around the world—and they are destroying the ocean’s ecosystems, a new study found. Read more at The New York Times … 

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