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March 23, 2020

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The UK led the world in online grocery delivery⁠—until COVID-19 happened

Demand for grocery delivery has overwhelmed such services in the U.K., where the delivery system is far more successful and established than it is stateside. But as many people begin making their first online grocery purchases amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, U.S. grocery delivery services have the chance to convert more regular uses by expanding product availability and upping quality levels. Read more at Quartz


Cops in the toilet paper aisle: Grocery stores add extra security to handle shopping rush

Off-duty police officers are becoming fixtures at grocery stores nationwide to help manage the influx of panic-buying shoppers. Having police, both uniformed and undercover, around will also help prevent senior citizens and those with weakened immune systems from being preyed upon during their special shopping hours. Read more at CNN


A new ethos for capitalism? 'Do the right thing'

Capitalism has dominated business thinking for the last half-century, in turn making "shareholder value" the only metric by which society determines a business' success. But as the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing, companies that are commited to people and planet as opposed to the bottom line will be the ones left standing. Read more at The Christian Science Monitor...


Grocery store workers to get hazard pay

U.S. grocery store employees asked for higher pay and reduced hours, and they're getting them. Stocking shelves at a grocery store isn't thought of as a prestigious job, but these last few weeks have shown just how critical these workers are and upped the appreciation factor from the general public significantly. Read more at Civil Eats...


Impact of a second Dust Bowl would be felt worldwide

Massive crop failures are very likely to occur in the near future thanks to climate change, and much like the American Dust Bowl of the 1930's they are bound to lead to a socio-economic disaster. Researchers determined that the U.S. would "fully exhuast 94% of its reserves over the first four years of a Dust Bowl-like agricultural shock" in addition to depleting other countries' reserves that hadn't been affected by the hypothetical environmental disaster. Read more at EurekAlert!

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