5@5: Glass packaging makes a comeback | Cargill to enter plant-based burger space

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February 24, 2020

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Alabama Residents Lack Glass Recycling Options

Glass, once the king of packaging, seeks a comeback

Just 1% of U.S. soda currently comes in glass bottles, but the continued backlash against single-use plastics could drastically change this figure. Glassmakers are launching campaigns and investing in new technology to better please today's consumers–but they still need to contend with the increased fuel use linked to glass' heaviness and consumers' reluctance to recycle or refill these containers. Read more at The Wall Street Journal

Cargill to challenge Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods with new plant-based burger

One of the world's largest privately held companies is diving into the buzzy plant-based meat space with plant-based hamburger patties and ground "fake meat" products. They will be made with either pea protein or soy protein, so the products are positioned in direct competition with both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat ingredient-wise. Read more at Reuters

Eating fruit, vegetables and cheese linked ot lower stroke risk, study finds

A large study on how diet affects two types of strokes indicates that eating more eggs leads to a higher risk of haemorrahagic stroke and a higher intake of fibre decreases one's risk of ischaemic stroke. Consuming fruits, vegetables and dairy products also was found to lower the risk of ischaemic stroke. Read more at Independent

Study finds grocery stores need to do more to tell customers about food recalls

The United States Public Interest Research Group has determined that supermarkets, the final link between food production and the consumer, are largely failing to notify consumers when food recalls occur. Loyalty programs have made it so easy for these establishments to contact consumers when necessary, and having recall alert pages on stores' websites would be an easy way to keep shoppers in-the-know. Read more at Modern Farmer

Microdosed LSD: Finally a breakthrough for Alzheimer's disease

Scientists have discovered an anti-inflammatory component of psychedelics such as LSD, a drug that has also been shown to support the treatment of alcoholism and depression. Now LSD is being studied for its potential to target the various causes of Alzheimer's disease. Read more at Forbes

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