5@5: Hampton Creek says SEC, DOJ buyback inquiries complete | Instagram propels healthy living brands

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March 31, 2017

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5@5: Hampton Creek says SEC, DOJ buyback inquiries complete | Instagram propels healthy living brands

Mayo maker says it is no longer being probed by SEC, DOJ

Both agencies have closed their investigations into Hampton Creek, according to an internal memo circulated by CEO Josh Tetrick. The inquiry was related to reports that the plant-based food company enlisted contractors to purchase jars of its Just Mayo to create artificial demand, and then expensed those buyback costs in several categories. Neither agency found wrongdoing, Tetrick wrote. Read more at CNN Tech...


#eatclean: How Instagram is fueling the healthy-living brand boom

The notion of wellness as something that is achieved from actions and choices made throughout each day, has been the inspiration for many of today's Instagram influencers, who use the social media platform as an outlet to share recipes, workouts and products that they love. Look no further than the Whole 30 program as an example—its Instagram features weekly takeovers from members of the Whole 30 community who share their recipes and advice, and its founder has credited Instagram with helping propel the brand forward. Read more at DigiDay...


EPA decides not to ban a pesticide, despite its own evidence of risk

During the Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that the pesticide chlorpyrifos could pose risks to consumers. But the new administration's EPA says there's too much uncertainty about the risks of chlorpyrifos to pull it from the market—at least for now. Some are interpreting the move as a signal that toxic chemicals will face less restrictive regulation under the new administration. Read more at NPR...


Why phosphate additives will be the next taboo ingredient

They help make baked goods rise and act as emulsifiers in processed cheese and canned soup. They're also added to poultry, meat and seafood to help the protein bind more water. And the FDA says they're safe for use in food. But some scientists are concerned that the prevalence of phosphate additives in packaged food has led to Americans consuming more phosphorus than recommended. In studies, overconsumption of phosphorus has been linked to higher mortality in people with chronic kidney disease, higher risk of cardiovascular disease and negative impacts on bone health. Read more at The Washington Post...


Chow hall makeover: Corps pushes healthy food at the School of Infantry

The newly created for fitness division of the Marine Corps, and its dietitian, aims to help Marines get healthier food during training by removing desserts or the snack lines out of chow halls. Read more at Marine Corps Times...

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