5@5: Instacart customers' data hacked into, sold | Coke to kill more 'zombie' brands

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July 23, 2020

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Instacart's valuation skyrockets with increased pandemic-related delivery demands

Hundreds of thousands of Instacart customers' personal data is being sold online

This week, sellers on two separate dark web stores began selling accurate information from 278,531 Instacart user accounts. The data includes names, order histories, the last four digits of credit cards and names. Instacart has thus far denied that a data breach has occurred. Read more at Buzzfeed News


Coke says it will kill more 'zombie' brands, weeks after dropping Odwalla

Coca-Cola is planning on dumping more of its "zombie" brands like Odwalla that aren't growing in order to cut costs. All major consumer packaged goods companies have, over the past few months, prioritized best-selling brands to help ease the growing pandemic-related burden on supply chains. Read more at CNN


Grocery shopping once a week or more has decreased by 20% from pre-COVID-19 levels

37% of shoppers are spending more money per shopping trip as well as continuing to stock up on their staple products, a new report from Acosta shows. Roughly three-quarters of shoppers also believe another shutdown is nigh and will likely continue eating at home while COVID-19 cases surge nationwide. Read more at Acosta


This scientist uncovered problems with pesticides. Then the government started to make his life miserable

Jonathan Lundgren is an entomologist whose research has raised serious red flags about the agrichemical industry's "most lucrative existing products and promising future ones." As a result, Lundgren's USDA superiors are retaliating on a professional level in addition to trying to suppress his findings regarding the negative effects of blockbuster pesticides. Read more at Mother Jones


How Ben & Jerry's perfected the recipe for corporate activism

Ice cream behemoth Ben & Jerry's has been participating in corporate activism for decades, which is partly why its responses to the Black Lives Matter movement and other recent social justice campaigns are perceived as genuine by the public. Essentially, the company walks the walk and puts its money where its mouth is, while other giant companies have failed to go beyond basic platitudes. Read more at Bloomberg

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