5@5: KFC sells out of 'Beyond Fried Chicken' in 5 hours | Cargill invests $75M in pea protein supplier

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August 28, 2019

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KFC sold out of its meatless chicken nuggets and wings in 5 hours

KFC tested out its meat-free “Beyond Fried Chicken” in a single store in Atlanta on August 27th and sold out of the product within a mere five hours. The company will likely wait to see whether the novelty of the meat-free chicken alternative wears off for consumers or not before opting to roll it out on a nationwide scale. Read more at AdWeek …


Beyond Meat’s pea protein supplier receives additional $75M investment from Cargill

Cargill, one of North America’s largest beef processors, has invested $75 million in Beyond Meat’s pea protein supplier. This funding will allow the supplier, Puris, to “own and operate three facilities in North America that focus solely on pea protein production.” Beyond Meat, in turn, will be able to increase production of its popular meat substitute to fulfill the booming consumer demand. Read more at CNBC …


Could a California grocery worker strike spur a nationwide movement?

Grocery store workers in Southern California are fighting for fair wages, and paying them more could end up benefiting retailers by cutting down on turnover rates and allowing employees to achieve higher education and certification. If a strike occurs, however, it could prompt workers in other regions of the U.S. to make similar moves, which would be extremely costly for big-box retailers. Read more at Civil Eats …


White Claw is what happens when being cool becomes exhausting

Sales of White Claw’s assorted multi-flavor packs alone grew a whopping 320% more through May than the same time period in 2018. But why? One could argue it is in large part because the product “neatly satisfies young consumers’ desires for affordable, convenient, portable, low-calorie, healthy-seeming alcoholic options." Read more at The Atlantic …


Study: Healthy foods are more important than type of diet to reduce heart disease risk

Three diverse healthy diets—a carb-rich diet, a protein-rich diet and an unsaturated fat-rich diet—were all shown to reduce the risk of heart injury and inflammation within a six-week period. These findings are notable because, firstly, they prove that diet is a crucial and fast-acting factor in regards to heart-related disease prevention and recovery and, secondly, they indicate that overall healthfulness is what matters in a given person’s diet. Read more at Science Daily …

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