5@5: Kroger unveils plant-based product line | Is eating less meat the answer?

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September 5, 2019

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Kroger unveils plans for a line of plant-based products, including sausage and deli slices

Kroger is launching a number of plant-based products under its Simple Truth brand this fall–the first time the retailer makes a marked attempt to appeal to the growing number of flexitarians nationwide. While the plant-based alternative market is expected to reach $140 billion over the next decade, Kroger is certain to face fierce competition from the likes of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Read more at CNBC …


The ‘eat less meat’ movement is growing. Does it distort science?

Eating less meat is an important aspect of reducing one’s carbon footprint, but cutting animals out of the picture altogether may do more harm than good. There are many ways to raise meat, and some are actually helpful and restorative to ecosystems. Additionally, the “eat less meat” messaging is “extremely alienating to farmers and ranchers … We need far more intelligent conversations about climate change’s connection to food, agriculture and health." Read more at New Food Economy …


Study: Vegetarians may have higher risk of stroke

Vegetarians and vegans may be healthier than meat eaters overall, but a new study shows that following a meat-free diet could lead to a higher risk of strokes. Physicians noted, however, that the 22% reduction in heart disease for vegetarians and vegans far outweighs the apparent stroke risk. Read more at WPTA …


How Blue Apron’s co-founder plans to disrupt the chicken industry

Cooks Venture, a regenerative agriculture operation that focuses on sustainably raised poultry, recently announced a funding round of $12 million. In tandem with plant-based dieting, the slow food movement is also rising in terms of popularity with consumers; founder and CEO Matthew Wadiak argues that these pasture-raised heirloom chickens are far healthier for consumers than both conventionally raised chicken and processed plant-based meat substitutes. Read more at Observer …


Researchers say overeating contributes to global food waste

A new study links overconsumption of food—and, by extension, obesity rates—to global food waste. Researchers found that Europe, followed closely by North America and Oceania, were the regions “most responsible for metabolic food waste—the food we don’t need but eat anyway.” Global obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1975, and roughly 38% of American adults are technically obese. Read more at Modern Farmer …

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